Thinking of renting a catamaran? Here’s why you should!

Published: April 13, 2014

You’ve tried them all: the luxury yacht, the small weekend getaway sailing boat, charter classics and fast motorboats? So now its the time for a catamaran!

Apart from being the ideal choice for a large group, the cat is a great choice if your aim is a relaxing sailing vacation. In fact, sailing a catamaran is far less tiring than sailing on a monohull, since the boat is more stable in most weather conditions. This also means that all members of the crew can sit back and relax or go on with their activities, just as they would if moored. Being easier, navigating a cat can be easily done with a really small crew.
Those who are novice sailors and are not used to the bouncing and the steering of a sailing boat will have to deal with a lot less stress and will probably avoid sea sickness.

Easy anchorage is another advantage of catamarans. In fact, their shallow draft allows navigation and anchoring in shallow water, allowing easy access to the sea and shore. Some cats can even dry out.
If speed is your concern, catamarans are usually faster than monohulls. Since speed depends on many factors, we can generalize saying that, if not faster, an average cat will have very similar speeds as a sailing boat of the same category.

Ample spaces are another benefit of the double-hull design as the space is virtually doubled. Larger groups or families will enjoy the large cabins and the communal spaces located at a greater distance from the sleeping area. Lots of light and view to the exterior are a feature of all cats, since their salon is located at almost the same level as the cockpit.

So after all this advantages, why do people still own monohulls? The answer is easy, since a catamaran costs are much higher than those of a standard sailing boat. Apart from being more expensive at purchase, mooring and maintenance costs are also higher.
But if you need to charter a boat for a larger group, dividing cost, you should seriously consider a catamaran, because a slightly higher per-person fee will result in a much greater comfort and overall relax.