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Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru, or simply Biograd n/m is literally translated as the white town on the sea. It was once the capital of the great Croatian kingdom, and now stands as one of the biggest tourist resorts in the country. Anyone that visits Croatia makes sure to visit Biograd, to witness, from amongst many things, the great marvels this city holds. It also happens to be the town where you can find our head office to get the best sailing yacht charter or Zadar catamaran charter.

Getting to Biograd n/m

Biograd n/m is stationed in the southern region of the Adriatic coast. It is an ideal spot, because on one hand it is a part of the mainland, and on the other it holds a strong connection to all the islands of Croatia. Therefore, getting to it is easy and from here you can easily get Biograd sailing yacht chartercatamaran charter or motor boat charter from it to visit more exciting places.

Fascinating Spots to Visit in Biograd n/m

Biograd is more like a city though which you can find charters for touring to other locations. In other words, this is the ideal starting point that helps you tour around Croatian coast. Considering that, it is a tourist hub where you will have nothing much to do except enjoy the city life. Nevertheless, consider these places when you visit Biograd:

Visit the Fun Park in Biogard n/m

Biograd has a very famous amusement park which is known to have every kind of amusement content for people of all ages. This is the ideal place you would want your family to be in, because not only are the swings tolerable and fun, but the atmosphere and environment of the fun park is also very good and ideal for the families. You should keep it on your check list.


Drazica or Lumbrak Beach

Drazica and Lumbrak are 2 of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Biograd na Moru. The peaceful and clean environment of these beaches are just the icing on the cake. You can indulge in a lot of fun activities in this place regardless if you are alone or with your family. If nothing else matters, make sure you sun-bathe under the peaceful and sunny sky that doesn’t hurt your skin.

Market of Biograd

It is the main market of Biograd n/m. Here you can get every kind of product from vegetables, meat, and cheese. Visiting this place will give you a good insight on the lifestyle of the people of Croatia, which will be a fascinating experience in itself. You can get all the things you like at a very cheap rate. It’s particularly known for its seafood that is fresh right out of the sea.

Base of Charter Novak company

In fact, the easiest option would be to  visit our office in Biograd. We will brief you all about the place so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest, and we will also give you a direction on other places that you should visit. You will surely find yourself satisfied after visiting our office. We are located in Marina Kornati, one of the first nautical marina built in 1974, which is considered as cradle of nautical tourism. Its founders recognized its strategic potential in the vicinity of Kornati archipelago and assumed the title of a pioneer of nautical tourism.

Fun Activities to do in Biograd n/m

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Biograd. All these make it a city worth visiting and enjoying yourself in. Here are some of the things that you should consider doing there:

Cycling Around the White City

Biograd is a good place to enjoy just a tour in. You should rent a bike and cycle around the town, observing the city life and the birds soaring up in the sky. Cycling along the coast would be the best option for you, as it will give you a peace of mind and a much-needed break from the stressful everyday life.

Feasting in the Exquisite Restaurants

You can find every kind of eating spot in the region, from fast food to native food, or exotic Mediterranean Sea food. This will be a fun activity as you will get to taste a lot of dishes you may find no where else in the world, because Biograd na Moru is known for its unique tastes.


Restaurants to Dine-in in Biograd n/m

Since it is a tourist hub with a good population, there are many exotic and exquisite restaurants in the region that provide you with high quality food. This place is especially known for its seafood.

Staying in Biograd na Moru

Biograd no Moru has numerous hotels that range from 3-stars to 5-stars. You will find all the necessary facilities in the place, and just staying there would be more than enough to make this a trip of the lifetime.

Make Sure to Visit Our Office in Biograd n/m

You can visit our office in Biograd n/m or reach us out online to get the catamaran charter or sailing yacht charter from us. Not only will you be able to travel along the coast of Biograd na Moru, but you can also set off from there to other interesting islands of Croatia and have a complete luxurious tour of the region.

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