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Skippered yacht charter

Skippered yacht charter

Skippered yacht charter

Sailing and relaxing on a yacht can be fun and adventurous because through sailing, you can explore the mesmerizing beauty that our world consists of. Going on a sailing holiday also helps you to be stress-free and be productive. However, for sailing, you must know how to sail, which many people do not. It is what shatters their dream of sailing and this is where skippered sailing yacht charter services comes to save the holiday.

With skippered yacht services, you can go on a sailing holiday in Adriatic sea without learning how to sail. By contacting us, you can get professional skippers that would make your sailing holiday more enthralling. 

What we will offer in our Skippered Yacht Charter service

We offer some of the best-skippered yacht services. All the facilities that we provide in our skippered yacht services allows you and your guests to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. The facilities that we offer in our skippered yacht services are:

Full control

You might think that hiring our skipper will depose you out of the authority of where you should sail. In short, you might think that you would not be able to sail to the locations of your choice. While this might be true for other skippered yacht services, it certainly is not for us. 

By hiring our skippered yacht service, you can tell our /your skipper about the spots to where you want to sail. Moreover, you can also select where you stop for a meal, including fancy local restaurants and caffé. You can also tell our skipper where you would like to anchor the yacht and enjoy the view. 



We know that some people think that their privacy would be disturbed by hiring a skipper. It is why our prime focus is to take care of users’ privacy. Our skippers are professional and are only allowed inside their cabin or other common zones of the sailing yacht.

Hence, with our skippered yacht service, your privacy remains intact, and you get to experience a more secluded sailing holiday in Dalmatia.



Sailing in a wrong manner can damage the yacht as well as injure you and all who are your company on the yacht. All this can cause you to have a poor cruising experience. We care for your safety and ensure that you enjoy your sailing vacation without any complications. 

With our skippered yacht service, you get a professional skipper, which makes sure to sail in an orderly manner by not sailing the yacht into the high tide zones. Also, all our skippers are highly trained in safety and maintenance of the vessel you hired for you sailing holidays and all people who come on board. 

Dinghy with outboard

With our skippered yacht service, you can tell the skipper that you want to sail ashore to relax and enjoy the view. He or she can operate this small vessel to guarantee a safe journey to land.

Hence, our dinghy service is ideal for couples that want a more secluded sailing holiday.

How our services are recommended?

Some of the advantages of our skippered yacht services are specified below.


Easy navigation

As mentioned earlier, all our skippers are highly trained, which have extensive knowledge about the surrounding areas. They know the ideal sailing places, including islands, villages, and old enchanted cities which provide the best experience of everyday life in Dalmatia. 

The skippers would take you to the most mesmerizing sailing places. Hence, with our skippered yacht charter, you can go snorkeling and swimming in the turquoise waters. In addition to this, our skippered yacht charter service allows you to choose your sailing destination (as stated previously).

Vast historical knowledge

Our skippers have a broad historical knowledge of the local areas. Due to this, they can guide you about some of the places you will get to know more about the local heritage and culture of the region you are sailing in. 

You get to focus on enjoying your sailing vacation

As much as sailing is fun, driving a boat is equally exhausting for some people. Due to this, most people do not get to enjoy their sailing vacations to the fullest. With our skippered yacht charter, you can leave the boat driving process to our skippers and focus on the splendid views, and spend your time with your loved one.


Why us?

You might be thinking that what makes our skippered yacht services special, right? So, let's talk about why you should choose our skippered yacht charter services. First of all, with our skipper, you tend to enjoy a stressful and hassle-free sailing holiday as you do not have to care of the yacht.

Furthermore, our skippers are extremely friendly and have good communication skills. You can communicate with our skippers without any hesitation. In addition, our skippers are trained and professional. They also make sure that you visit the most secluded and hypnotic places on your sailing holiday. 

Other than that, we also have numerous yachts, including catamarans and monohulls of all sizes for you to choose from. It means by choosing us for your catamaran charter services, you can charter different yachts according to the number of your guests and family members. 

Also, we offer convenient and flexible bookings. It means you can book our yacht charter services without going through any unnecessary paperwork.

If you have no sailing experience and are looking for the best skippered sailing yacht charter, feel free to contact us.

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