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Island Galešnjak

Island Galešnjak

Island Galešnjak

If you stand at the mainland of Croatia, you can see the Galešnjak island from a distance. It’s as if your hand could reach out to it, and that you could jump directly to it with the slightest push. If you look at the island from above, perhaps from a helicopter, it wouldn’t be hard to spot it given the beautiful heart shape. Rightfully, it is called the island of love by both the residents and tourists alike.

Getting to the Island of Galešnjak

If you travel via catamaran charter or a sailing yacht charter, you could easily cruise your way to the Galešnjak island with the utmost comfort and luxury. Honestly, the travel would not be a nuisance; you’ll love every part of it just like you enjoy every part of a good meal.

Places to Visit in Galešnjak

Given the extremely small size and private nature of the land, there are only a few places you could visit or activities you could do on the island, but your time over there still would be worth it. If you visit the lover’s island, make sure to visit these places:


Remains of Ancient Buildings

Although not much, this island had its good share of fame in the past. Therefore, a number of buildings were erected there throughout history. You can visit the site of those buildings, but it’s likely that you will find nothing more than foundations over there, as the buildings faded with time and no efforts were made to preserve them. Nevertheless, they will still be a good sight to witness.

The Rabbit & Pigeon Colonies

There are huge colonies of rabbits and pigeons in the area. They avoid humans as much as possible, so going near them will not be a good idea, as they will run away. You can, however, observe them from a distance and feast your eyes.

Fig & Olive Plantations

There are plantations of fig and olive trees in a particular region on the island too. However, they are a product mainly for exportation and manufacturing purposes. It would not be a good idea for you to consume from those trees, as they are a private plantation. However, they may allow you to have a taste of them if you are a visitor or their guest.

Things to do in the Island of Galešnjak

Here are some of the things you should consider regarding the activities on the island of Galešnjak. You could plan your activities accordingly:

Famously Known for Hosting Weddings

This is an ideal place for wedding ceremonies because of its heart shape, and they make good use of this fact. If you or someone in your contacts has a wedding planned out, this will be a wonderful venue of choice for you. Our sailing yacht services will make this trip even more worth it, as you can have the perfect little honeymoon along with the wedding.

A Cruise around the Island

Even if it is not a wedding, you can still make use of our sailing yacht or catamaran charter. This island is quite close to many interesting places like the mainland or Pasman island, so you can have a wonderful trip back and forth. We’ll provide you with the best yachts and also recommend a route around the island of Galešnjak, for the best traveling experience in the region.

Visiting the Neighboring Island of Pasman

One may argue that there is not much in Galešnjak island. However, if you consider what’s in the close vicinity of the island, visiting it would be worth it. After you are done with the place, you can move on to more interesting places with a stronger cultural heritage in other in Croatia and the islands under its control. Pasman, in particular, has a lot of interesting places and restaurants that you should visit.


Staying in the Island of Galešnjak

It should be noted that the Island of Galešnjak is a privately owned land, so there may not be places for you to stay for the night. Instead, you can look for hotels on the neighboring island of Pasman, or you could find some on the mainland that are just near the coast. That would be a more feasible option for you. Also, in consultation with your skipper you could find a perfect and safe mooring place to drop your anchor and enjoy candlelit romantic dinner on your sailing yacht and catamaran close to this magnificent island.

Exciting Places to Eat in Galešnjak Island

Reinstating the point that Galešnjak is a privately owned land, and a pretty small place, not many restaurants are functioning there. However, that place still has visitors and a couple of restaurants.

Book Our Biograd Sailing Yacht Charter in Galešnjak

The Biograd catamaran charter or sailing or motor yacht charter will certainly be the best option for you regardless of which island of Croatia would make your trip to. Especially to Galešnjak, you can have the most luxurious experience with our high-quality sailing yachts and special services provided to you by our organization. Our sailing yacht charter is one that tourists from around the world cherish.

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