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Lake Vrana

Lake Vrana

Lake Vrana

Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana located in Dalmatia, is known to be the largest lake in Croatia. This area is the largest natural lake and one of the largest swamp area in Mediterranean Croatia. It covers an area of 57 kilometers and is at a distance of only five minutes of drive from Pakoštane.

Many entrances can take you to the Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana which are named as the Kamenjak, Crkvine, or Prosika harbor. It does not matter which entrance you choose to enter the Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana, you will be required to have transport.

This lake is haven for many endangered species it is also a winter resort to 100 000 water birds. The depth of the lake is 2-5 meters and it is a natural phenomenon of a submerged karst field full of life. The natural cryptodepression is phenomenon that created unique life in and around this lake.

This natural phenomenon is seen through the fact where surface of water in the lake is above the sea level while the bottom of the like is below sea level.

Things to do at Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana

Once you have entered the nature park now it is time to explore all the adventures and exciting activities to make the fullest of your vacations and tour at the Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana.


Have a tour of the ornithology reserve

If you have made up your mind to visit the Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana, you should be aware of the fact that this lake is very famous for the birds’ view flying in the beautiful clear sky at any time of the year. Although people love to visit the Vransko jezero in the season of the spring or autumn because that’s when you will get to see most of the bird life diversity of the Lake Vrana.

To enjoy the beautiful bird view it is good that you visit this place in the morning or at the time of the sunset because at these specific hours the birds beautify the sky with their graceful flights as that is the time when they are the most active.

Vransko jezero also offers you to visit the ornithological reserve where you could enjoy learning about the natural habitat of the birds. They also offer you to book guides for yourself who can help you throughout your visit to the ornithological reserve and show you the birds and their details. You can also take binoculars which will help you spot the birds.

Visit the Kamenjak viewpoint

Oh well if you are at Lake Vrana and longing for some incredible and breath-taking views then you have to head over to one of the most beautiful viewpoints, the Kamenjak viewpoint. This is one of the most gorgeous sightseeing points of Lake Vrana.

There are further activities once you have reached the Kamenjak viewpoint, for example reading the boards and learning about the history of Lake Vrana, enjoying the views by taking a seat on the stone benches, using the telescope, and looking for the Kornati islands. Also, the Kamenjak viewpoint is located up high in the heights and if looked down from this viewpoint you will enjoy Lake Vrana and also the Pakoštane town.

Cycling Trails

You can also go cycling in Vransko jezero if you want to see the beauty of it from nearby. One of the routes of Vransko jezero or Lake Vrana is known as "MTB 29 Vrana 1" is the ideal cycling trail for the visitors and the downward scope of this route is perfect for beginners’ bicyclers. Many other routes are also available but it depends upon the person's fitness and the kilometers that they can cover.

Hiking Routes

Wear your hiking boots and visit the Lake Vrana for a day or two for hiking because it this nature park is very diverse since it contains numerous trails throughout the park. You can also go with your family for an educational trip in case they have an interest in the bird species as the Vransko jezero have many ornithological sites.

While passing this area you will be amazed to see infinite bird species and if you are lucky enough you will also get to see the endangered species of birds. This trail can be covered in a quarter an hour. It has 8 educational boards, which is why it is ideal for children as well. If you want to make your journey more exciting you can take your binoculars with you to mesmerize yourself with the view.

For the keen hikers and hiking lovers, you can also spot many long trails like educational botanical trails which are 5-kilometer-long. It is a circular shape which is 2 hours long. It starts from the most beautiful viewpoints of the Kamenjak, covering Mernjača, Bašinka pier, and Orlja Draga canyon, and then it reaches the Kamenjak again.


Enjoy kayaking at the Vransko jezero

If you want to enjoy the nature of the Vransko jezero then go kayaking. Because after swimming, the kayaking activity is the most enjoyable activity in the lake. You can rent kayaks for yourself from the port on an hourly basis or even for the whole day.

Camping Crkvine

You can locate your camps right beside the lake and enjoy your nights by sleeping right on the shore at the campsite of Crkvine. You can also make your camping site at the sea village of Pakoštane which is only 2.5 km away. This site is part of the Vransko jezero which provides you with multiple accommodation points for you and your family.

From pitcher to fully equipped modern mobile home full of sanitary facilities and other amenities you can book your accommodation place. From this camping site, you can perform kayaking, fishing, and enjoy the bird’s view. In the nearby area, you can go cycling and hiking. This is why this camping site is the most active in Croatia, because from your camping ground, you can kayak, fish or bird watch. There are also several cycling and hiking trails close by, making the camp one of the most active in Croatia.

So, if you have chosen Lake Vrana for your next tourist spot and adventure vacation then we can help you in arranging your trip. Contact our yacht charter services to arrange your trip to lake Vrana with the ultimate luxurious facilities and unforgettable experience while your enjoy your sailing vacation with us.

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