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Skardin is a small village that is located 15 kilometers from the town of Šibenik and it is one of the oldest towns in Croatia. The area was inhabited since Illyrian times but its name Scradona, first time mentioned in 10th century, owes to the Romans since it was their administrative, traffic and trade center in Dalmatia. The whole Skradin is protected cultural monument.

The location od Skradin in the entrance of the National park Krka, makes it one of the most significant destination for nautical tourism in Adriatic and one of the most important touristic destination in the whole Croatia.

While sailing close to Šibenik, make a note to stop in this picturesque city from where you can:

  • Take a trip to Krka national park, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe
  • Explore one of the most significant archaeological site Bribirska glavica also know as Croatian Troy
  • Taste local traditional meals which you can only find in Skradin and in the vicinity of Prukljansko lake
  • Visit Franciscan monastery that holds rich collection located on the Visovac island

Things to do in the Skardin village

Enjoy the view of the waterfront of Skardin from the height

Skardin is located at the northeast of the Split at the distance of 55 km and the distance of 11 km in the north of Sibenik.

Because these both towns are famous tourist destinations on the Dalmation coast, there is good connection to Skradin via road or via sea. In the gateway of the town, National park Krka is located which is included in the best scenes of Croatia’s attraction sights, both for your body to relax and your soul to shed stress accumulated thought long working year.

Have a walk around the Skardin marina

Among the most beautiful viewpoints and the town of Skardin is the Skardin marina, where you can enjoy the most perfect day by having a walk. The distance is not much to cover but while you stroll you will discover many striking viewpoints, cafes, and restaurants.

In summer, you will also spot many stalls which sell fast foods and other goods that are locally produced for example wine, fruits, vegetables, honey, ice cream, olive oil, figs, ice cream, and other food items.


Buy wine from a wine shop in Skardin or meals from the restaurants

You can find wine shops in the Skardin. It is similar to any Mediterranean town where you can find a café or a restaurant that is located out in the open. While you sit and enjoy the beautiful massive views and grab a glass of espresso or a wine you can experience the best time of your life while relaxing.

As you can find many restaurants in the Skardin for your meal you can also explore the wine garden and try locally grown and produced wine in Konoba Mate. But of course, you cannot only have one while in Konoba Mater, there are other delicacies you must try together with a glass of wine, like rakija, prosciutto, cheese and olive oil. Konoba Mate has been the most favorite place to wine and dine since more than 60 years now. Many celebrities make sure not to miss this place when they are passing near Skradin.

Visit and admire the architecture of the Blessed Virgin Mary church

The Blessed Virgin Mary church is located in a tiny town center of Skardin. This church was built in the 18th century and the base of it was initially demolished by the Turks. If you are fortunate enough to visit the church from the inside, make sure that you have a peek and admire the beauty of its architecture.

Climb up the clock tower of Campanile

The clock tower of Campanile, also known as the Skardin bell tower, was built in 1872. This location is included in the must see sites of the Skardin because it can be spotted from afar. At the base of the clock tower or the bell tower, you can also see the pair of stone sarcophagi built in the 9th century.

Enjoy your picnic in the Skardin Park

You can also go for a picnic in the Skardin park with your children and other family members. The children can play multiple games and sports. This park is located in between the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, main parking lot and the waterfront which is filled with mangroves. Skardin Park has to offer a lot of pleasant atmosphere to the visitors.

If you want to buy yourself a stock of food and drink supplies, you can purchase them from a supermarket that is located close to Pizzeria Paulovnija which is only a couple of minutes away.

Sunbath on the beach of Skardin

Skardin beach is located in the east of the Skardin bus stop. It is a very scenic view as the beach shore is filled with beautiful pebbles. The water of the Skardin beach is very clear and it is a perfect place to sunbathe during those long and hot summer days.


You can also spot many umbrellas which are permanently built along with the playground for children to play around. In the summer season, the stalls of ice-creams and other food items are filling the streets offering the variety of finger food to nibble while enjoying your time in the sun.

Museum of antique cars

In Skardin there is a museum of antique cars which is located in the Scardona Park. This is just a few minutes away from the Skardin beach. It is interconnected with the Scardona Park Luxury Accommodation.

Touring through this museum will allow you to get a glimpse of the rare old-timers that used to populate streets of former Yugoslavia. Before coming to Skradin, this exibition was situated in capital of Croatia – Zagreb under the name Ferdinand Budicki Exhibition.

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