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The island of Rab is situated in the Kvarner bay in the north Adriatic. It is a well known paradise for nature lovers and all who enjoy experiencing the authentic island atmosphere. It has become very famous from very ancient times when Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson had brought the world press to this island. The princes made the world press watch the beauty of frolics in the water in the summer season. This happened in the year 1936.

Even today the visitors are drawn by a divine nature of the island; from numerous sandy beaches on the Lopar peninsula, to extraordinary hidden bays on the Kalifront peninsula.

The city of Rab is well recognized by its four bell church towers and medieval walls. Its streets and squares are rich with history and cultural legacy luring the visitors to explore them. During the summertime, the old town becomes a center of medieval festival “Rabska fjera”.

The reasons why you should put island of Rab on your must see list:

  • This is an island with the most sandy beaches
  • Crystalline clear sea
  • The attractiveness of the old tow of Rab
  • Numerous pedestrian and cycling roads through the island will enable you to explore
  • Numerous water sports available
  • Rich gastronomical offer
  • Rich nightlife
  • Easy reachable over the land and sea


Things to do at the Island you should know about

Below is the list of exciting things you can enjoy.

Enjoy your picnic in the Komrčar Park

This park is situated at the beginning of Rab peninsula. At the beginning of 20th century, the old grazing ground was planted with coastal and black pine, cypress, ash, holm oak, spruce, evergreen shrubs, agave and Indian fig.

Komrcar Park could be an amazing place to enjoy your picnic because in the summer season it is famous for its shade. This is the perfect place for the botanists to explore the diverse variety of the plant especially the Aleppo pines, Cypress trees, and oaks.

By the water shore, you will get to see many inline trees and a church for those who fancy to visit it. During your visit, you can enjoy the fringes of trees, green hills, and many guiding boards that make it easy for you to find the scheduled spot for yourself.

Visit the paradise beach

Paradise beach is open to everybody - from old aged individuals to children. You can rest or play games like volleyball and basketball, or maybe you would just like to spend your afternoons outside enjoying the beautiful sound and smells of Mediterranean greenery. After the afternoon, people can also enjoy the evening parties the cafes and bars, with the fringe of pine trees.


Trekking through the historic forest of Rab

Between the Rab Island and the island of Cres, there comes a historic forest which is also a part of the Kalifront peninsula. One of the most known trekking path is Premužićeva path which was built almost 100 years ago. This educational path runs through the most interesting parts of Kalifront peninsula, and partially through the locations on the most northern area of the island – Lopar and Fruge. As you enjoy your walk you will be able to see some of the endemic plants of the Kvarner area and around 162 species of birds.

You can find a variety of trees here like holm oaks which are extremely large because they were seeded 500 years back. The trails for the hikers are easy to follow to reach the scheduled destination. Even for the older people, you can leave the village on your own for the hike and but make sure to pack some snacks and water for yourself to keep yourself hydrated on the way.


Have a visit to the most beautiful landmark of the Rab

Between St Andrew’s and St Mary’s, which are the most notable and famous churches of the Rab, exists a bell tower which has been a famous tourist spot for more than 900 years. It is standing alone and it displays the medieval heritage of the early times of Rab’s island.

People love taking pictures over here because it is a very picturesque area. After climbing high above 25 meters, of this pre-gothic architecture site, the most beautiful views of the Rab island can be spotted together with seas, forests, and villages stretching below your eyes.

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