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National Park Krka

National Park Krka

National Park Krka

Krka national park is one of the famous and amazing tourist destinations because this place is enriched with natural lush green scenery and the ecosystem has been preserved and untouched. Because of this reason, the park is used for educational purposes. Annually 1 million people visit the Krka national park that got its name after the name of the river Krka that flows through it.

Many interesting activities can be done here by the tourists and their families like boat trips, museums, site seeing, visiting souvenir shops, tours, and restaurants. Other than that, numerous archaeological remains can be spotted here, for example, fortresses that date back to Roman times.

How to get to Krka National Park?

Traveling to the park is generally simply because it is very famous and you can find many guided tours. You can also use public transport and buses to reach the park. While booking a sailing yacht or catamaran with us, you can go with your vessel up to small but very well know town Skradin, located some 15 km from Šibenik town. This is one of the oldest Croatian towns.


Activities to do in Krka National park

There are multiple activities you can enjoy in Krka national park as it is enriched with amazing places, sightseeing viewpoints, and restaurants. So, if you are planning your vacation at the Krka national park, some of the activities are as below for you to make a list and do perform them during your visit.

Visit the Hydro Power plant

Visovac lake, located in the national park itself, was utilized as the second oldest hydro-power plant in the world and the first one in the Europe. The plant was built beneath Skradinski buk waterfall and name of the hydro-power plant is Jaruga. It was founded in 1895 and its purpose was to provide electrical power to the city of Šibenik.

Thanks to Nikola Tesla, this plant was put in operation just two days after Niagara falls plant, and it was built according to its plans which enabled Šibenik to be the fist city in the world to receive alternating electricity for various plants that were running in the city.

The area of this lake is 2000 sq meters and it was utilized as the power mill to make bread with the help of the energy produced from water flow. This mill was founded in the 12th century but this mill has been in use for the last 50 years.

Fauna and Flora

In the Krka river you can spot 18 different species of fish, for example, Dalmatian Barbelgudgeon and Brown Trout. Many reeds and meadows can also be spotted where you can find different species of birds and amphibians. This is why the Krka national park is the center of attraction for many bird lovers from all over the world because more than 200 species of birds can be seen here.

The species include Peregrine Falcon, Eurasian Eagle-owl, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, and the Short-toed Eagle. Along with that, bats that are long-fingered and are endangered can also be found here. The Krka national park belongs to the southern South European region. Plant species in the Krka national park that have been identified so far are eight hundred and sixty species in number.

Take boat trips in the Krka national park

To enjoy the best sightseeing view you can take boat trips. In some of the locations of the Krka national park you can also do swimming and make sure you do not forget to bring your swimming suit. Other than that, while being on your boat trip you can also stop by and have a stroll around, watch presentations, waterfalls, and enjoy other activities that you fancy.


Take a visit to the Roški Slap waterfall

Most tourists and visitors are attracted to the Krka national park because of the Roški slap waterfall. It is surrounded by many hiking trails and walking spots which are enough to refresh your mood. In the 450 meters space you can spot 12 waterfalls.

The largest of these waterfalls is 60m in width and 22m in height and in the whole of Europe, the Krka waterfall is famous for the second-highest density of lavender plants. This is why the number of wasps and bees find their pollinating grounds in this beautiful park.

Attend the educational seminars at Krka National Park

Alongside ensuring the environment and prosperity of the people who live here and the tourists of this national park, the Public Institute of the Krka National Park has additionally decided to teach the youth about the importance of environmental security.

This is done through instructive programs which incorporate various sermons, environmental workshops, field progressions, and sports exercises custom fitted to suit the wants of children of all ages. The informative program is carried out by the supervisor and staff of the Krka national park who are being buoyed by coaches and teachers and these educational programs are held all year round.

As distant as a vacation goal goes, few can match the awe-inspiring magnificence of the Krka National Stop with its rich greenery, magnificent waterfalls, and wealthy history. It is unquestionably worth a visit on another trip overseas!

This is why the Zadar sailing yacht charter is here to provide you with their best services to make your trip an amazing and memorable journey. Zadar sailing yacht charter will provide you luxury for your trip to the Krka national park.

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