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Nature Park Telašćica

Nature Park Telašćica

Nature Park Telašćica

On Dugi otok, the 7th largest island in the region, in the south east part is located Nature Park Telašćica. Although it is a part of Croatia, this island is a world of its own. In the midst of this beautiful island, stands a Nature Park that is so much more beautiful than something many of us have ever seen. It’s called the Telascica National Park. This Park stands at the epitome of a peaceful and tranquil experience.

Getting to Telašćica National Park

Yacht charter services provide you with several offers that will allow you to have the perfect sailing experience in the region. Let us give you a sneak peek of different spots you can visit, and different activities for the Nature Park:

Fascinating Spots in Telašćica National Park

Just the nature park has a plethora of spots you can enjoy and here is a general description of most of the spots there:

Smaller Islets and Empty Beaches

Remember that this nature park consists of smaller islets, i.e., islands within an island. That means you will have a lot of beaches around you wherever you look. This will be to your advantage because you will find several beaches that are quite empty and peaceful, and you can have an experience of a lifetime there. All of that with maximum privacy, peace, and security. It would be as if you have the entire island to yourself.


Aleppo Pine & Holm Oak Forest

These are natural forests that show up recurringly in the nature park. You can have quite a fun time exploring and visiting these forests, and it will give you a lot of insight into the wildlife of the island. You will be able to have a live view of several exotic species that have made those forests their home, and you can have the perfect shade for the perfect trip whenever you want.

Vineyards & Olive Groves

That’s not all! While there are natural forests and natural vegetation, some efforts have also been made to produce vineyards and olive groves in the region. They serve as a staple source of foods that may be used by the residents of the Dugi otok island. This is their efficient source of income, and they also produce some important goods and products with the fruit they get from the vineyards and groves. Although, there may be some restrictions to prevent the tourists from damaging the vineyards and groves.

The Beautiful Salt Lake of Mir

Last, but not the least, the park has also a beautiful lake completely independent of the Adriatic Sea. Now it’s hard to imagine since people are more used to lakes near rivers, but a Salt Lake must not be underestimated either. Just the view is good enough for perfect pictures but turns out you may be able to opt for a lot of fun activities over there. The blue glimmer will surely guide you towards the best experience.

Exciting Activities in Telašćica National Park

While you are visiting the spots, there are some exciting activities that you may indulge in too, to make this trip more fun. They are as follows:

Basking Under the Sun

When visiting an island with a bunch of beaches, the first thought that comes to the mind of every adult is to just sit and relax as the sun shines over you. Since there is no one to bother you and no noise around, you can relax just fine without having to worry about your children or belongings, and you can relax as long as you like.

Moreover, you will have a natural shade close behind you (the forests), and the coast right in front of you. You can swim and surf as you like whenever you want, without having to worry about crowds of people, because this place is not your typical summer beach.

Camping With Family in the Forest

Dangerous wild animals over there are out of the question. Appropriate arrangements have been made to protect the tourists, so as long as you follow all the guidelines and take necessary safety measures, you will be just fine. It will be the best experience for you to camp with your loved ones, and they too will also have an experience of a lifetime.

Note that it is preferred that you camp around the daytime, but if the authorities give you the green light you may as well go and camp at the nighttime too.


Yachting Across the Coast

This is probably the most important experience that you cannot allow yourself to miss when visiting the natural park. Get yourself a yacht from us and get into the Adriatic Sea. You will get to sail across the entire park, and even around the island back and forth.

Take Beautiful photos

Take photos of the scenic beauties, and of yourself and your family along with them. These photos will make a wonderful collection that will become a wonderful part of your memories for the rest of your life.

Staying & Eating in Telašćica National Park

Since the nature park is a part of the island Dugi otok, and a tourist visiting spot above all, you won’t get a place to stay in the park. Instead, you will have to look for a place to stay in the residential areas of Dugi otok. There will be food spots in the park where the tourists can enjoy a savory meal, on the other hand. Guests are taken very good care of over there.

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Our yacht charter services are one of a kind and hiring a sailing and motor yacht or catamaran with us for your friends or family will prove to be one of the most exciting trips ever. You can get the optimal yachting experience at the best rates, with some exciting additional services that are aimed at making your experience worthwhile. This will be a trip to be remembered.

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