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Most of the people love to travel and during their well deserved summer holidays they tend to like places that are quiet and peaceful. One of the best places to travel for people who love nature is Pašman. Pašman is a beautiful green island that is located at the coast of North Dalmatia. This beautiful island is situated close to the heart shaped island Galešnjak.

The size of the Pašman island is about 60 square kilometers and it has a population around 2800 people. Pašman island has a lot of fun and adventure filled destinations that you can travel around via Biograd na moru catamaran or sailing boat charter.

The island is rich with numerous bays, sandy beaches and flora and fauna. The Pašman island exudes with security and attractiveness that is calling you for an adventure trip.

The cycling roads run through the island so you can use your bike, or rent a bike, to explore the island, marvel the views of the Kornati island, Pašman canal, Vransko jezero or just to relax and feel the total freedom that summer vacation brings.
The island is rich with caves, pits, cultural sights and hidden treasures which are all of inestimable historical and cultural importance.

What to eat in Pašman Island?

Apart from the beautiful views and beaches Pašman has much more to it. The Pašman Island is also known for its’ amazingly tasty traditional food. There are many types of restaurants in the Pašman Island. Some of them are the best site where most of the tourists like to spend some of their quality time.


Things to enjoy in Pašman Island

There are several things and activities that you can do while your visit in the Pašman Island. There are many beautiful places to visit as well. In the Pašman Island you can also visit its famous beaches.
Some of the most beautiful beaches of the Pašman Island are mentioned below.

Lučina Beach

The Lučina beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the Pašman Island. The Lučina beach is ideal for people who want to enjoy their time in peace and quiet and relax under he shades. Since the Lučina beach is located at the bay there are many Mediterranean trees present as well. These trees provide the perfect natural shades under which people prefer to relax and enjoy the view in front of them.
The location of the beach in the naturally formed bay is the best option for spending quality time with your children. In case you want to enjoy drinking coffee in the shade of local bar, there are various local bars situated close to the beach.

Mrljane Beach

The other famous beach in the Pašman Island is the Mrljane beach. It is known to offer the best facilities that is surrounded by concrete or grass. The Mrljane beach is ideal for people who like to sunbath and sit under the calming shades.

This is also one of the longest beach on the island which makes it ideal for long strolls along the seashore. The beach has sandy bottom and it is ideal for children of all ages.

Tratica Beach

The bottom of this beach is totally sandy with a shallow sandy entrance. There is also a cemented part on which you can enjoy sunbathing.
For all sport lovers, there is also a volleyball court where you can try your skills. In case you get thirsty you can find a place for a drink in local bars.

Beach Dužica

You can find this beach on your way to monastery of St. Duje. This beach falls into a category of a long beach ideal for relaxing walks, or just for family swim and sunbathing. The beach has a sandy bottom and cemented places along the seashore comfortable for sunbathing.

Jasenice Beach

The beach is located at the entrance of the village. The sunbathing areas are paved while the sea bottom is perfectly sandy.



Other than beaches, the Pašman Island is also famous for cycling. There are two bike paths that are present on the Pašman Island. The two cycling paths are marked as path 8 and path 7 respectively. These cycling paths offer great views that makes your cycling even more interesting.

Veliki Bokolj

The Veliki Bokolj is known as the highest point of the Pašman Island. People who like hiking mostly visit the Veliki Bokolj point. You can see the highest points with the help of a stone or rock present at the site. The Veliki Bokolj hiking track also offers the breathtaking view of beautiful deep blue sea.


The famous heart-shaped island is also the best site of Pašman Island. It is located in the Pašman channel and have small pebble beaches. It is mostly visited by the couples for a romantic evening.

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After learning all the details about the Pašman Island you might think of visiting it soon. If you have any problems to reach the Pašman Island then you can book your yacht with us. We will help you and provide you the best ways boats and crew during your summer sailing vacation to the Pašman Island. Our services are exceptional and we take great pride in our work.

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