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Olib is a beautiful island located in northern Dalmatia. It is quite famous for its location and views and it is situated in a peaceful area northwest of Zadar. It is a very beautiful place to visit especially if you want to spend your vacation in peace and tranquility. There are some residents on the island however the population is not more than 140 which can only mean you will get far away from crowds and hectic rush of tourist locations.

The island is home to many beaches and other places where you can find a lot of activities to do.

How to get into Olib?

It is quite convenient to get on the island. If you are a foreigner you have to take a flight to the nearby city where you can land at an airport. After that, you can hire your sailing yacht charter or catamaran charter with us, and our highly professional crew will make sure you visit these secluded locations in the Adriatic sea.


Where to stay in Olib?

There are many options to stay on the island including camping sites and resorts. You can stay within the hotels situated on the island which includes a lot of luxuries and facilities to maintain your comfort level. You can get different hotels falling under the category of various pricing depending upon your budget. You can take some of the affordable resorts on the island. It is also convenient to go to camping sites because they do not charge much and you will also enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Where to eat in Olib?

There are many places on the island where you can go for dining and takeaways. You will find traditional cuisines and dishes in different areas. It is also recommended to try the new and popular local dishes so that you can let your taste buds experience something new.

Things you can enjoy during your stay at the island

There are many things you can do on the island during your stay. It is home to many beaches and you can also visit the nearby islands by taking our best yacht chartered services.
Let's discuss some of the things and places you can visit while you are enjoying you sailing yacht holidays or catamaran yacht charter with us.

1. Otok Planik

It is one of the nearby islands which is inhabited which will enable you to have your privacy and peaceful time at the island. It is quite near to Olib. The water is crystal clear and the sky is also very clear because of less human activity. You can enjoy being on the island for as much time as you want. We will provide you with full support and convenience.

2. Olibian Summer Festival

This is one of the famous festivals that is held every summer on the island. You can take part in it and you can also enjoy seeing people performing many local tradition festivities that will transport you to a different time in history. You can also be a part of some of the thrilling games that will provide you with a lifetime memory. The festival is held every summer which is a suitable time for visiting the island.


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You can contact us to book the best yacht charter services. We provide solo trips as well as trips for the family and/or large party of friends. You can enjoy your time with us because our highly professional crew will be your guides during your sailing vacation in beautiful Dalmatia.

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