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National Park Kornati

National Park Kornati

National Park Kornati

The Kornati archipelago is a beautiful island group located in the central region of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated about 15 Nm from Zadar. Taking a Biograd na moru catamaran, sailing or motor boat charter can be the best way to reach Kornati National Park.

You can book your Biograd na moru sailing yacht charter in advance to explore more of the untouched beauty of this island. With our catamaran, sailing or motor boat charter you can cruise over the waves in the Kornati National Park - the beautiful haven of soaring cliffs, dense forests, and pretty islets. Along the way, you can also learn more about the diverse wildlife of this unique National Park.

Getting to the Kornati National Park

It is easier to get to the Kornati by a sailing, motor yacht or catamaran charter.

Things to do in Kornati National Park

The way you are going to experience the beauty of Kornati will depend upon the type of tour you are going to take. However, visitors here can expect to enjoy an amazing mix of sea and land activities while taking advantage of the unique and meditating landscape.
Do you want to know what makes Kornati islands worth your visit? Let’s have a look at the amazing things you can do here to know more about the things in this regard. So, here we go:


Limestone - karst terrain

The Kornati has a unique limestone karst terrain along with beautiful underwater ecosystems. However, Limestone karst terrain is a good first hiking point to start although this is a sparse terrain of the island. It means it has very little shelter on the way. So, if you want to make more here, make sure to start earlier. Don’t forget to take water, sunblock, and hats with you on this terrain. Fortunately, due to the epic views, you can have over the entire archipelago this is the trip worth taking.

See wildlife

Kornati archipelago has plenty of wildlife to see. However, a lot of it can be hard to spot for everyone. It is because these consist of birds and reptiles. The true attraction of the Kornati archipelago lies underneath the water. A sailing yacht charter can be a perfect way to explore and see brightly colored fish, crustaceans dart, and moray eels among sponges and corals.
Snorkeling will be another amazing thing to enjoy here from your boat tour. Grab your snorkeling equipment, underwater cameras and enjoy extremely diverse flora and fauna of Kornati Islands.

Swim at Kornati beaches

Kornati islands also have various ideal beaches for swimmers. These consist of a mix of dramatic cliffs, and sandy beaches on serene bays. The cliffs are low enough to jump off safely. Most importantly, the archipelago’s seclusion won’t let you share your swimming spot with a lot of people.

Experience a cultural heritage within your outdoor time

Are you looking to throw a cultural heritage tour? Then you must know that these islands are freckled with ruins including the ancient city of Colentum’s remains. Here you can also visit Mount Gradine at the Murter’s Northern tip. You can also wander around the reigns of Nero and Vespasian. This city was destroyed in the 2nd century A.D with an earthquake.

However, at present, it is an open-air park where visitors can view signs with the ancient layout of the city while checking out pottery and coins found here. Even more, the Byzantine Fortress of Tureta can also leave more scope for your imagination. Besides this, several churches scattered across different islands here are also an enduring legacy of Kornati.

Visit Island Zut

The Kornati archipelago has unique qualities which make it worth visiting. The Kornati is a very minimal and meditative landscape, unlike other Adriatic islands’ chains. When you will enter the Kornati, you will feel you have arrived in a different world. Whether you are joining a sailing yacht charter here or getting a catamaran charter to the national park, you will definitely get to experience the archipelago’s outer side as well.

This will also include a visit to the nearest islands including island Zut. This island has a steep and independent coast with multiple bays to explore. These include Luka, Bizikovica, Hiljača, Žut, Sarušćica, and others that you can easily reach with your sailing yacht charter to explore the untouched beauty of these bays.

Anchorage points

Sailing is allowed in the entire Kornati National Park. However, anchorage points here are allowed in the following coves and bays only. These are Stiniva, Tomasovac, Statival, Lupeška, – Suha punta, Lučica, Šipnate, Kravljačica, Opat, Strižnja, Gujak, Smokica, Ravni Žakan, Vruje, Piškera, Lavsa, – Vela Panitula, Podbižanj, Anica on Levrnaka, and Koromašna.


Where to eat and stay in the Kornati?

An important fact is that the Kornati is uninhabited mostly. Therefore, you will have short options where to stay or eat here. Still, you can find several modest guesthouses and hotels to stay in here. Most importantly, there is a total of 25 family taverns and restaurants in the Kornati offering delicious, and quality domestic cuisines that commonly include domestic lamb and seafood specialties for visitors.

You can easily enjoy eating at any of these restaurants and family taverns.

Book the best sailing tour to Kornati National Park

So, here you have gotten all the important details about the untouched beauty of the Kornati islands. Now you should plan a worthy sailing tour to the Kornati with your friends or family. Booking our catamaran charter or Zadar sailing charter can be a perfect option for you to consider in this regard.

Here you can get a well-organized boat tour based on your personal preferences to enjoy most of the Kornati archipelago with ease. So, don’t wait anymore and book your Zadar sailing charter with us today.

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