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Considering the fact that Ugljan is a part of Croatia, which is one of the primary crossroads of Europe, one must consider that this island has cultural and historical significance. Not only did this island hosted permanent refugees in the older days, but many royals also made this place their sanctuary. It was also a significant hub at the peak of the Roman empire.

Although this island is small, it’s fairly populated. And that’s exactly what makes it a place worth visiting during your next yachting tour.

Places to Visit in Ugljan

Aforementioned, Ugljan has both cultural and historical significance for Croatia, so it goes without saying that there are a bunch of fascinating places in this small island. Many interesting stories may also be hidden behind those places, but that mystery is for you to unravel after you visit them:

Beaches of Ugljan Island

If you are visiting Ugljan, this must be your primary spot. The beaches of this little island are not like the other beaches you see in different places. Although small, because of its long and rugged coastline the island offers quite a variety of different types of beaches with crystalline clear sea, untouched nature suitable for swimming, snorkeling or boat trips. You can pick between sandy beach Zmorašnja Luka bay on the peninsula Ovčjak which is the first choice for all native residents of Ugljan and yachting lovers. If you prefer combination of sand and stone, than you should visit Čeprljanda bay which also has in its vicinity playground for children.


Suha bay is a sandy beach surrounded with horizontal rocks and Mediterranean plants which is located close to small village Varoš. Another sandy beach is Južna Luka, where you can find tranquility in the shade of pine forest which surrounds this beautiful beach.

Sušica bay is a pebbly beach totally opened towards the sea and easy reachable by catamaran, sailing or motor yacht.

Ancient Ruins in the North-West

The North-Western region of the Island of Ugljan is probably the most populated region. Turns out that it was also quite populated in the past, as there are a number of ancient monuments and ruins over there. While it’s common to find ancient buildings in many cities, visiting those will still be quite an experience because of the uniqueness and sublimity of their designs. You will find the purity of European middle-aged architecture with a hint of external influence here and there.

Califfi Castle

Califfi Castle is probably one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region. It was built in the 17th century by the Califfi family. It is a strongly fortified castle that holds a block shape and gives off the purely middle-age era aesthetic. Almost all the tourists that visit this island go visit the castle too. You may cycle your way to the attraction, as seeing all the other attractions in the way, the scenic beauty, and the greenery will be a pleasant experience.

Port Village of Muline

This is the primary seaport of Ugljan! It’s likely that this will be the place you drop off, so you may not have to worry about this place. However, the point of mentioning it is so that you do not just ignore or underestimate this place, because it too has a lot to offer you.

Zadar Channel

The Zadar Channel is what separates the Island of Ugljan from the mainland of Croatia. Nevertheless, it gives you a beautiful view of the country, and you can even sail on this channel in the finest of yachts that will be provided to you by us. Moreover, the channel takes you on a trip to other islands too, so, like the former, it would be a good spot once you are done exploring the island of Ugljan.

Fun Activities in Ugljan

While you are visiting these places in Ugljan, you might want to blend in some activities to add more flavor to your trip. This will give every member of your family or everyone that’s in your party to enjoy your summer sailing holidays to the fullest. Here are some activities that you may indulge yourself in:

Relaxing at the Beach

In a place like Ugljan, your comfort must come above everything. The beaches of this island are like no other, so you can have a mix of relaxation, sunbathing, and fun activities at one place. Your family is sure to love their time over the beach, and the number of people over there would be enough to keep the atmosphere lively and refreshing for you, while not being too noisy and crowded.


Cycling Across the Village

You may get a cycle at Ugljan, or to be safe, take one with yourself to the island. Just cycling across the village, beside the beach, and across all the tourist spots will be more than enough for you. It will be a refreshing experience that will give you more insight into the lifestyle of the people of Ugljan, and the people of Croatia by extension.

Scuba Diving from the cliffs

There are a lot of fun activities one can indulge themselves in at Ugljan, and scuba diving is one of them. Once you hike your way up to the cliff, you can scuba dive into the ocean. You may find a lot of surprises as you make your way inside the sea. You will definitely want to have this experience again and again.

Eating and Staying in Ugljan

The rich multicultural backing of the island will give you a lot of variety and quality in food, especially the seafood. Moreover, you may get both vegetarian and non-veg options in many places. Make sure to taste as much as you can.

Book Your Ideal Yacht Tour to Ugljan

We provide special yacht charter services for people that love to visit the Croatian islands and have a tour of the sea surrounding those areas. Our prices are flexible, and our experience is specially optimized to give the best relaxing experience to couples and families. With us, it will be a trip to remember!

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