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Zadar Region

Zadar Region

Zadar Region

Zadar Region is one very beautiful part of the world that holds rich historical and cultural heritage. If you are up for some exploration on foot, then you can visit the region to know about the history of the place. However, if you are looking for some sailing yacht charter services then we are the best in the Zadar region. While you are preparing for your trip to Zadar region there is a lot that you need to know about this place. So, here are all the amazing activities and things that you can get in the Zadar region.

Historical tourism sights in Zadar region

Zadar region is a place that is full of historical sites. If you are going to explore this place on foot, then there are a lot of buildings and places that you will enjoy visiting. The best part is that while you are on the streets you can go for the local vendors and street food items to enjoy the traditional food.

More on that later but here we will stick to some of the most beautiful places that you must visit while you are in the Zadar Region.

The Church of St. Donatus

Speaking of the historical places, it is one of the most important historical attractions in the area. Its building will take you back to the days of 9th century, so it gives an amazing representation of the Byzantine architecture present in Dalmatia. The three circular apses are what you must be looking out for as those are the main attraction of this place.

Zadar Cathedral

It is another building that will take you way back in history with its architectural values. Although it was originally built in the 9th century, the building was rebuilt in the 12th and 13th century. This was the time when the building’s architecture style changed from Byzantine to Romanesque.

Whether it is the entrances, windows, the interior, or the exterior of this building, you will surely love it because of the amazing Gothic theme. It also makes a great background for your photographs there.


The Roman forum

When you plan the walking tour of the city you must visit The Roman Forum as it holds high value for the history of this place. It was built between the 1st century BC and 3rd century AD making it a very old building present in the Zadar region.

During the Romans time this was the place known as the central market and it was a public area but now it is a tourist attraction. When you are exploring the place, you will note that there are a lot of nearby buildings that date back to historical times. However, some are comparatively new as well dating back to the 19th century.

The restaurants and bars in Zadar region

Your sailing yacht charter trip will never be a complete experience unless you explore the restaurants and try out some traditional foods here. While the seawater is clear blue, eating somewhere outside may be an amazing experience in itself.

Speaking of amazing experiences; there are a lot of restaurants which provide scrumptious dishes that you may not find anywhere else in the whole world.

The entertainment to get in Zadar region

So, you have visited some of the highly-rated historical places in the Zadar region and then you have got some refreshment from the best restaurants in here as well. Well, there is only one thing left to do and that is having some relaxing time. You can spend this time by taking some entertainment or sailing yacht charter services. So, here is all that you can do here.

Kolovare Beach

You are just done visiting the old town and you are feeling the historical vibes of the place, but you want to relax a bit then this place will be your perfect choice. No need to get anywhere else as the Kolovare beach is only about 10 minutes (walking distance) away from the old town. There is clear blue beach water with green shade so you can plan an amazingly relaxing picnic here.

The Sea Organ

Although this place has no linkage with the history of the Zadar Region, when you are here on your Zadar sailing yacht charter trip it is a place that you must not miss. It is an instrument that is played while the sea waves move.


Kornati National Park

If you are planning a day sailing yacht charter trip, then it is the park that you must make a part of your plan. The national park consists of 147 islands in the Zadar region so you may need our high-quality sailing services. Out of all the islands at this place, the largest one is Kornat island where the sea views are stunning. While you are here you can plan for some scuba diving action as well.

The nearby islands must be visited when you are in Zadar region.

Planning a Zadar yacht charter trip is never an easy thing as there is a very short time and a lot to explore. However, we make sure that when you let us provide our yacht charter services, we serve you with the best Zadar tourism experience.

Speaking of an amazing tourism experience, Zadar is a place that is incomplete without its stunning islands. While some islands make a great picnic spot, some have Roman remains which make the yacht charter services one of a kind. So, the following are the islands that you must visit while sailing in the Zadar region.


It is one of the most attractive and amazing islands/bays in Croatia that you must visit. Apart from the stunning looks of the place, it is full of sea life and wildlife. Being a designated nature park, it is a place that must not be missed in your sailing yacht charter trip with us.

The other islands worth visiting

While we were elaborating on some of the most amazing islands that you can visit on your Zadar yacht charter trip, we must inform you that this region has a lot more to offer. There are a lot of amazing islands that you need to visit, and the best part is that we provide our top-notch services to all of those islands. So, some of the islands that you must visit when you are in the Zadar region are listed below.


The cities in Zadar Region that you must not miss visiting.

Zadar region is not all about the old towns or the islands, it is a place that has some awesome cities which can provide you with a lot of exploration and fun time. So, while you are having fun on your Zadar yacht charter trip you must visit these cities in the Zadar region.

Biograd n/m

It is a small city located in northern Dalmatia. Being on the coast makes it an amazing addition to the sailing yacht charter trip. However, the amazing architectural, historical, and traditional values that this place holds make it a famous tourist attraction in Croatia.

Not to mention the fact that our base is located in Marina Kornati that is strategically positioned in this part of Dalmatia.

Although Zadar is known for its historical value and relation with the Roman times, it has a lot more to offer. Planning a sailing yacht charter trip can be an amazing choice here with sea, islands, and old cities to explore on foot or on aboard a yacht.

We are the best yacht charter services provider in the Zadar region so if you are looking to make your trip memorable then feel free to contact us today!

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