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Zadar is a very popular city in Croatia situated on the Dalmatian coast and is well known for numerous historic sites. The city is also know as the city of romance and love, of passion and spirit. Zadar is not afraid to explore new shapes in art and new ideas in order to additional enrich its position. It is at the same time peaceful community which welcomes every visitor with an open arms and leas its trace deep inside every soul.

Overall this city is famous for its historic ruins and monuments. You will find many attractive things on your visit to the city especially if you are into Roman culture.

Where to eat while visiting Zadar?

Zadar city is full of famous restaurants which can provide you with mouth-watering food. There are several restaurants that also provide delivery and takeaways. You will find a variety of food because the city is situated in a coastal area and it serves different cuisines.


Things to do in Zadar city

There are many things you can do in Zadar city and one of most interesting activity can be famous visiting ruins and historic sites the locations scattered through this beautiful city.

Visit sv. Donat Church

St Donatus church is located in Zadar and it is the symbol of the city. The church was built in 9th century and it is a mandatory place to visit during your stay. This pre-Romanesque structure is 27 meters high and 22 meters in width with specific cylindrical shape. Today it is used as an exquisite place to listen to medieval renaissance music. It is also a unique example of Carolingian architecture and it is considered as the most significant representation in the whole Europe. Most of its decorations are coming from ruins from the nearby Roman forum which was commissioned by the first Roman Emperor Augustus. The whole complex had en elaborate design of temples and colonnades with one column that proudly still stands until this day.

Cathedral of St. Anastasia

The cathedral is famous because it is considered as largest pre-Romanesque building within the whole of Croatia. It is a perfect example of Roman culture and architecture. You should not only explore it from the outside but also get a tour inside because you will come across different monuments.

Listen to the Sea Organ

Sea Organ is located on the coastline of Zadar. It is an architectural sound art object and experimental musical instrument that creates the sound using the rolling power of the waves. The whole installation looks like a series of broad steps which lead into the sea. Well known architect Nikola Bašić devised this genius system of resonating chambers which produce syncopated melodies which at the same time soothe and excite numerous visitors.

See the Greeting to the Sun

Another famous installation by the same architect in the vicinity of the Sea Organ is a Greeting to the Sun. The symbolism hidden in this architectural achievement is a human communication with the surrounding nature.

This monument is comprised of 300 multilayered glass solar panels which through out the day absorb sun energy and after the sunset create spectacular light show next to the shoreline.


Museum of Ancient Glass

This is one of the tourist attractions you can visit during your stay. It has a huge ancient glass collection where old monuments are present. Ancient Romans used to make things out of glass which was quite durable and beautiful. All of those things have been stored within the museum of ancient glass for the people to admire its beauty.

Zadar Archaeological Museum

Most of the artifacts held in this museum belong to the Prehistoric era and only by looking at them will take you into the ancient Roman culture. If you are interested in exploring the archaeological artifacts of a specific culture this is the best museum you should explore while in Zadar.

It is recommended to get a tour guide if you want to know more about the archaeology and history of ancient Romans. It will not only make things enjoyable for you but they will also become educational.

Kornati National Park Full-Day Trip from Zadar

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