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Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok or “Long Island” is undoubtedly the best-kept secret of Croatia and it is also one of the longest islands in Croatia. It is a place of true tranquility and peace. Dugi Otok is an island where you can experience relaxation and embrace nature for your soul and body. Also, it is a part of the Zadar archipelago on the Dalmatian Coast. There is a lot to explore on the island where you can find different small villages since each of them has its own charm, specialties, and peaceful ambiance.

Even more, Dugi Otok has a lot of fun and enjoyable attractions to offer its visitors. There is simply something for everyone so, you can have an amazing time with your friends and family with ease.

Getting to Dugi Otok

Getting to Dugi Otok is fairly easy via Biograd na moru catamaran or sailing yacht charter. No matter what you choose to rent for your sailing holidays, you will be able to explore more in the surroundings of this beautiful untouched jewel.

Where to eat and stay at Dugi Otok?

Always remember that there are only a few hotels on Dugi Otok island. However, you can find different campsites and a number of private accommodation options here. You can even get the opportunity to stay in the lighthouse of the island as well. Overall, you will have different options of accommodation there. Don’t forget to check the details of these available options before making a choice.

The best selection of bars and restaurants can be found in the town of Sali. Here you can enjoy nice and delicious food while enjoying a view of waterfront. Most amazingly, all the food available here is tasty and fresh and it is served in a generous size portions.

Things to enjoy in Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is a beautiful island located near Zadar. Dugi Otok is popular for its intact nature, nature park, beautiful beaches, and numerous other things. Let’s get to know about different things that you can enjoy here during your sailing yacht holidays. So, here we go:


Sakarun Beach

Sakarun or Saharun Beach is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Dugi Otok due to its beautiful view and turquoise water. This beach is located on the Dugi Otok’s northern side between villages Veli Rat and Božava. It is easily accessible with a sailing boat or catamaran.

This is one of the most photographic and best-known beaches of Dugi Otok. The clear water with white sand and shallow bay make it a perfect beach to take your friends and family. It is a perfect place for your entire family to have fun. For being a friendly beach, many sailors anchor their boats here to enjoy some relaxing time.

Veli Zal

This is another amazing beach in Croatia to visit. It is situated on the island’s western side in closest proximity to Dragove village. On this beach you will find a combination of sand and pebbles and it is really beautiful for swimming and snorkeling. The only thing is that you will have to look for shade a little bit further, in a nearby grove. It is also good to know that it is still not so crowded compared to the more popular beaches in Croatia.

Lighthouse Veli Rat

This is one of the most amazing things to enjoy in Dugi Otok. The lighthouse was built in 1849, and with its 42 meter high and until today it still holds the title of the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea. The most amazing thing about the structure it is its yellow color which, it is said, comes from more than 100 000 yolks used to paint it. You can imagine what amazing views can be seen from a top of this lighthouse. The lighthouse is situated in the island’s northwestern tip near Veli Rat village.

The lighthouse it its courtyard has a small chapel of St. Nicholas which makes it a perfect wedding location for lovebirds. Overall, you can easily have some playful time to enjoy here in the surrounding with ease.

Scuba diving

You can experience a unique underwater world in Dugi Otok. If you want to experience rich vegetation or marine life closely, scuba diving will be a perfect activity to enjoy here then.


Telaščica bay is one of the safest natural harbors on the Adriatic coast which makes it perfect for renting a kayak. Because the cruising speed it limited, the kayaking experience is safe and unique at the same time.



Since it is a tourist hub with a good population, there are many exotic and exquisite restaurants in the region that provide you with high quality food. This place is especially known for its seafood.

Even thou the highest peak of the Dugi otok is only 338 meters, because of its geomorphological characteristics makes it a perfect location for all those who love trekking and climbing.

The island is mainly mountainous with combination of stony terrain and forest which makes it an especially challenging. The effort of climbing is definitely worthwhile because from the top of the mountain Orljak you can see whole Zadar aquatorium.

Salt Lake Mir

This natural beauty is located in the NP Telašćica’s southwestern part. This lake was developed when the sea level rose more than 120 m after the last ice age. The name of Salt Lake came because of its salty water that filled karst depression through lake’s underwater channels that are are connected to the sea. As the lake is hot in the summertime, therefore, you can relax and swim here.

The surrounding of Salt Lake is a perfect area to explore on foot as it can let you explore various trekking and hiking trails as well.

Village festivities

During summer, every village and town here has its own festivals and celebrations. They used to celebrate their own old traditions that are unique to their locations. People here used to celebrate their traditional food and way of living via live music. They also offer visitors their local delicacies to taste.

Book your Zadar sailing yacht charter to Dugi Otok with us!

After knowing all the above-mentioned details about Dugi Otok, are you planning to explore the intact beauty and peaceful ambiance of this island? Booking your Zadar catamaran charter or Zadar sailing yacht charter with us can save you time and money since we can help you to explore the beautiful island as per your own preferences.

Our catamaran charter services are highly competitively priced and meant to let you make the most out of your tour to Dugi Otok with ease. So, don’t wait anymore and enjoy the best of Dugi Otok with us.  

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