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Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat sailing yacht charter refers to when you charter a yacht and sail it all by yourself. Bareboat yacht charter is fun and enthralling. It is a more secluded form of sailing and is a great way to explore the wondrous areas.

Moreover, to get the most of your sailing experience, you must charter a good yacht. With our bareboat yacht charter service, you can be the master of your sailing journey and can visit places that you have always dreamed of.

What we offer in our Bareboat Yacht charter service?

With our bareboat yacht charter service, you get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the vast Adriatic sea and its hypnotic beauty. In addition, you get numerous facilities which make your sailing holiday more convenient. Below specified is included what we offer in our bareboat sailing yacht charter service.

High-quality yachts/catamarans

With our bareboat yacht charter, you can choose different yachts and/or catamarans. All our yachts have an elegant design and can easily accommodate up to 12 persons. We also have bigger yachts that can accommodate more than 12 people. Our yachts are of high industry standards and have an innovative design. If you want to go on a splendid sailing holiday, you can contact us for our bareboat yacht service and special offers.

Furthermore, we maintain our top-of-the-line yachts for our bareboat charter fleet that give a brilliant sailing performance, comfort and provides enough space.

Numerous amenities

We also provide numerous amenities for our customers who contact us for our bareboat yacht, including a catamaran charter service. For example, we can make your sailing holidays more adventurous with snorkeling equipment with which we provide outboard engine, Stand up paddles, underwater scooter, water-ski, wakeboard, water tube and jet ski.

All these additional extras will help you to take your sailing holiday to another level. We also provide a navigation set, which allows you to identify the locations, and makes sailing easy. In addition to this, a dinghy is also included in our bareboat yacht charter service. 

Power charger, freezer, and other standard yacht equipment are also included in our bareboat yacht, including the catamaran charter package. All these tools make sure you enjoy your cruising vacations without any hassle.



We provide numerous advantages to our customers. Some of the most popular and effective ones are specified below.

Sail at your own pace

With our bareboat yacht charter, you can choose different yachts or catamarans from our bareboat yacht charter fleet and sail at your own pace. You can do whatever you want, and that too at any time!

Our bareboat yacht charter additional extras will enable you to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, or go exploring a nearby island or a beach with the provided dinghy. You can sail and explore numerous islands, secluded beaches with turquoise waters, and lagoons, all with our bareboat charter.

Perfect location

Our bases are away from the crowded cities and are situated at the center of the marina. This convenient location allows you to sail to numerous places in a short time without facing any hurdles. As our bases are not crowded, you get to enjoy peace and tranquility, which makes your sailing vacation worth it.  Hence, if you are a peace-loving person, and want to enjoy a secluded sailing holiday in Biograd make sure to contact us for our bareboat Biograd catamaran, sailing or motor boat charter service.

Choose from numerous destinations

As with our bareboat yacht charter service, you can do whatever you want and sail according to your own pace. You can choose your sailing stops according to your wishes and visit mesmerizing Croatian islands.

Bareboat yacht charter service from Charter Novak will enable you to explore the historical places of Croatia, and learn more about the culture of Dalmatia. Blend in with the locals, or enjoy dining at different locations in Croatia. Hiring bareboat yacht charter with Charter Novak you get to discover some of the most popular regions in Croatia, including Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Korcula, and more.

Hence, if you want to explore Croatian lands, make sure to contact us to get our bareboat yacht charter services, including catamaran charter services. 

Why us?

  • We are a top-notch bareboat yacht charter service provider.
  • We have numerous customers that love to sail with us because of our dedication towards them.
  • We are a team of sailing experts that prioritizes your safety over things. It is why we always ask you whether you are qualified for a bareboat yacht charter or not. 
  • According to our judging criteria, if you are not qualified for a bareboat yacht charter, we will help you to arrange a professional skipper at the most affordable rates. All of our skippers are highly trained and show a real attitude of professionalism.
  • Moreover, we provide 24 hours backup service from the base staff, so you do not run into any problem that can ruin your sailing holiday.
  • We also have a diverse yacht fleet engineered to meet all standardized requirements. Our company is a trustworthy company which offers premium sailing destinations.  We also provide flexible bareboat yacht charter plans that make sure that you enjoy more while spending low.

If you want to go on a sailing holiday in Biograd while being your own skipper, then make sure to contact us for our bareboat Zadar catamaran charter services.

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