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Crewed yacht charter

Crewed yacht charter

Crewed yacht charter

Crewed yacht charter refers to when you rent a yacht and pay extra money to hire a crew necessary for your yachting vacations. The crew normally consists of a skipper, and hostess who is responsible for making your easy meals throughout your sailing journey and it is a luxurious form of sailing, but it is more comforting and worth every penny. 

With our crewed sailing yacht charter services, you do not need to worry about a single thing, as all the things are maintained by our hostess. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views with our crewed yacht charter services when on a sailing holiday. 

What we will offer in our Crewed Yacht charter service

Our crewed yacht charter package includes numerous facilities and services. All of these facilities provide you a royal and luxurious chartering experience. Novak’s crewed yacht charter, you enjoy a more premium and tailored yacht charter experience. Below is specified what is included in our offer for crewed sailing yacht charter service.


Customizable itinerary

We also suggest you a route and some of the yachts that you should pick for crewed yacht sailing. We suggest an itinerary that would help you see the exclusive caves, mesmerizing lagoons, white-sand beaches, and some of the other hidden gems. 

You would also get to see hypnotic waterfalls, melodramatic cliffs. Our skippers have extensive local knowledge, which would allow you to discover the most jaw-dropping and hypnotic places that you would ever see in your life. 

With our crewed Biograd sailing yacht charter service, you can cruise along warm seas in the Mediterranean and Caribbean and enjoy the absolute tranquility of the surrounding places like Zadar. 

In addition to this, you can also ask the skipper of the yacht to take you from a different route. By choosing our crewed Biograd Zadar sailing yacht charter service, you can explore whatever you like.


Numerous conveniences 

We would also provide you different amenities in our crewed yacht charter service. Some of the amenities that we would provide are watersports equipment, free WIFI, and more. 

Hence, if you want a more private and well-appointed sailing experience, make sure to contact us for our crewed yacht charter service. 

Advantages of taking our services:

We are the best-crewed yacht charter services that provide numerous benefits to you and your guests. Some of the most popular advantages are specified below. 

You get to see exotic marine life

As mentioned, you get to experience some hidden and delicate locations with the help of our itinerary. You also get to experience exotic marine life. In addition to this, as our crew has explicit local knowledge, they could also tell you about the explored marine life in detail. 


Hence, if you are a fan of aquatic life and want to discover new aquatic species during your sailing holidays in Zadar, you can contact us for our crewed yacht charter services or Biograd catamaran charter services.

Other than that, we are a leading yacht charter service provider, including catamaran charter in Croatia that makes sure that you do not face any negative experiences while sailing. In short, besides having our hostesses tend to your problems, we provide you with 24/7 support throughout your sailing journey.

We are a leading crewed yacht service provider that operates with full safety and by following recommended precautions. 

Why us?

Sailing with us would provide you a unique experience that would not get from others. We provide exceptional service to all our customers. By hiring our crew members through our crewed yacht charter service, including catamaran charter, you make that your trip goes smoothly. Moreover, our staff, specifically our dedicated charter broker helps you with the booking process, which saves your time and effort. 

Plus, as our crew is highly trained, they know what they should do in case of any emergency, plus, our skippers are trained in first aid as well. All of this makes us the best-crewed yacht charter service provider.  Hence, to get more royal sailing experience, make sure to get our crewed catamaran charter services. Conclusion If you want to experience sailing more luxuriously and want to enjoy numerous watersport activities when visiting Biograd make sure to contact us for our crewed Biograd sailing yacht charter service.

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