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If you are into beautiful islands this is one of the best places for you. Murter is the famous and most beautiful island present on the Adriatic coast of Croatia which makes it the best place where you can spend your summer vacations.

Murter island is situated in the middle Dalmatia just on the gate of Kornati archipelago. The island is connected to the mainland with one short bridge and it is the biggest island in Šibenik area.

The island is attractive destination for nautical tourist and all who desire peaceful vacation.

The Murter aquatorium and Kornati archipelago are intersected by as many as 14 maritime canals, gates and passages. Because of vicinity of Kornati islands, safe and well-equipped marinas, Murter became and important center of nautical tourism.

There are approximately 5 marinas together on Murter and on Kornati islands, and in the town itself there is a shipyard which is equipped to build smaller and medium-sized boats.

Besides Murter, which is the largest and the oldest town on the island, there are also three other towns you should consider visiting during your sailing holidays.

Betina – this beautiful town is and Adriatic wooden shipbuilding town and it is one of the most beautiful towns in the Adriatic

Jezera – are the very well known as the fishing center of the Murter island and as a home of Jezera Village Holiday Resort. What is most interesting for all sailing lovers is ACI marina which is one of the most awarded and, what is most important, environmentally conscious nautical center in northern Dalmatia and the winner of the Blue Flag.

Tisno – is the newest town on the island and a spot where the island almoust touches the mainland.


Things to do on the Murter island

There are many things you can do on the island because it is a vast area with a lot of beaches and water sport activities. Beaches on the Murter island are one of the most attractive beaches on the Adriatic coast. Apart from exceptional nature the island and its beaches are known for its cleanliness of the sea.

Beach Slanica

Plaža Slanica is one of the most popular beach on the Murter island. This sandy beach is full even when the peak season is off. The sea is shallow for some 30 m from the coast which makes it popular between “picigin” lovers.

During the peak season the beach is full, but you can find shelter on the rocks around the beach itself.

Podvrške Beach

This beach used to be a beach for locals that only had but a few visitors even during the peak season but after it was proclaimed as a hidden beauty just a few kilometers from beach Slanica, the visitors started coming.

This beautiful beach is located on the eastern side on the island overlooking the open sea. The combination of the sandy and pebbly beach one one part and other part is rocky with a separate beach for dogs.

All the above plus crystalline clear sea and pine forest makes it a winning combination for careless sailing vacation.

Čigrađa beach

Čigrađa beach is located close to entrance of city of Murter. It is very similar to the rest of bays which are also located on the same part of the island. They all have an open sea view and think pine forest that creates a perfect shade during those hot summer days. Rich underwater flora and fauna is a perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving lovers.


Archeological beach Colentum

Just when you thought there is nothing you can be surprised with, Adriatic sea throws a unique kind of beach for you. This is a place where all history lovers can enjoy a swimming and can experience blast to the Croatian past.

This beach is located on the tip of Cape Gradina with an excellent view over the bay of Hramina. This is the only beach in Croatia that combines history, archaeology, oceanography, cultural and recreational tourism.

Betina Shipbuilding Museum

The museum is located on the protected cultural and historical ensemble of Betina in the centre of the village. If you are interested in exploring the cultures of different regions you should give this place a proper tour. Even though the village is small, with only 800 residents, it is a typical Dalmatian locality that is mainly focused on tourism, agriculture, fishing, crafts and trades.

The knowledge of shipbuilding was kept in the shipbuilding families through generations and it was transferred from the chief master ("prot") to its most able apprentice. Only proto knew how to design a ship and he was the one who decided to whom he will transfer that knowledge.

Dolphin Watching Tour

You can go for many water sport activities including Dolphin watching tours. There are also a lot of things you can do on the island according to your requirements and interests and one of those is a dolphin watching tour. You can experience of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat which makes this experience so much more worthy than seeing them in an aquarium.

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