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A few tips for choosing the best charter yacht for you

A few tips for choosing the best charter yacht for you

A few tips for choosing the best charter yacht for you

Space and layout

Firstly, it would be wise to decide on the number of people who you plan to sail with and be aware of their relationships. For instance, if you’re planning a trip with a couple of friends, cabin’s space and set up won’t be of major concern, but if there will be couples only, you should keep in mind to secure equal (or almost) cabin space for everyone. On the other hand, when sailing with kids, a large cabin and one or two with bunk beds will probably be the best choice. Avoid choosing a boat on which someone will have to sleep in the salon if you’re renting for more than a weekend, as cramped spaces and lack of privacy can destroy an otherwise well planned journey.

The number of people determines also the number of heads (baths), so when the number is above 4, opt for an additional head.
Take a look at the interior’s layout as well, since many charters offer the same yacht model but with different layouts. Layout is important for privacy, but also if you have special needs (i. e. tending a baby). And remember, cabin walls are very thin and spaces are usually smaller in reality than on pictures.
The number of people determines the size of the yacht but also the price per person that you can work with. Most charter yachts can hold up to 12 people, so if you need to secure a boat for more guests, be sure to provide that information to you charter company.

Cruise duration

The time you plan to spend on a boat is also of major importance at this point, since a weekend at sea can be survived on a somewhat smaller boat, while a two weeks cruising vacation can work out well only if everyone has enough space to live comfortably.
The duration of your rental can also affect its cost, as some charter companies offer discounts for longer rental periods, so be sure to decide on this before you start your search.


When the charter and navigation fees are shared, be sure to take into consideration everyone’s possibilities and decide on a fixed amount. The price-range is an excellent starting point and filter for yacht searching. But keep in mind that additional costs will have to be taken into consideration, such as:
– skipper (highly suggested if you are a novice)
– deposit
– fuel
– docking and other charges at some marinas
– extra features (additional linen, outboard engine, additional sails and so on)
Take a look at our terms and conditions to get an idea of the extra costs.

Purpose and type of yacht

After you’ve decided on people and money, its time to think about the kind of yacht you’re looking for and the purpose of your rental. If you’re planning to sail with a professional crew onboard, go for a beautiful and luxury equipped sailing boat where relax is guaranteed. On the other hand, if you’re planning to do the sailing yourself check the boats that best suite your level of expertise and go for a maneuverable and  technically superior boat, even if the looks are not so stunning.
Consider also the possibility of renting a catamaran if the number of guest and the need for privacy don’t fit the monohull sailing boat. Lastly, if your aim is exploring and visiting as many places as possible, maybe a motorboat would better sooth your need for speedy travel.

With your mind made on the basics, you can start searching for the right boat for you and approach the charter company with more precise request.

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