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Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

If you are looking for a vacation on a boat at a slower pace, but still with a lot of excitement, we have a great suggestion for you. Spend your vacation exploring the island Pag. This island is located north of Zadar and Biograd na Moru, on the border of central and northern Dalmatia, right across the great Velebit mountain. The island of Pag has an area of almost 287 km2 and is one of the largest Adriatic islands with as much as 270 km of indented coastline, which makes it the island with the longest coastline. Another interesting fact is that Pag Bay is surrounded by 20 km of pebble beaches.

Island Pag – an island full of diversity

The island of Pag is truly an island of diversity. On the one hand, it is characterized by a lunar landscape battered by a merciless wind bura, and on the other it has lakes and wetlands, natural oak forests, numerous meadows and olive groves. However, before you leave for Pag, pay close attention to the weather forecast because the bura between Velebit and Pag can be strong and even dangerous. So, if the weather forecast shows that it will be windy, be sure to find another course. Fortunately, during the summer months, there are less days with bura, and you will be able to enjoy all the beauties that this beautiful island has to offer. Pag is an island of bura, salt, cheese, sheep and lace, and while you're on the island, be sure to try Pag cheese (Paški sir) and lamb (Paška janjetina).

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

It is not far from our Charter Center in Biograd na Moru to Pag. Sail to the north and pass by Zadar and all the beautiful villages along the way. Enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes. To get to Pag, you will pass the island of Vir, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. You may want to pass under this bridge and through this passage on your way to Pag, but for now you cannot pass because this channel is too shallow for larger ships. Work is currently underway on deepening and widening the canal so that even large ships can sail there and thus shorten the voyage.

Beautiful nature and sea

Sail around Vir and explore its beautiful coves and beaches that you will surely enjoy. By visiting the northern cape of the island, you will have a view towards the island of Pag, and mountain Velebit that watches over it in the background. Pag is one of the longer and larger Adriatic islands and you will need several days of easy sailing to get to know and explore it.

Whichever way you sail, you won't go wrong. A big bay will open right in front of you where you can anchor and spend the night. The island of Pag is an island rich in coves, beaches and numerous coastal villages where you can anchor, swim and enjoy.

We recommend that you go to Povljana and explore this wonderful village. In the immediate vicinity of Povljana are the natural lakes Veliko and Malo Blato, which will delight you with their natural riches and a nature that is more reminiscent of a marshy environment than a Mediterranean island.

After your rest, sail north and you can swim and enjoy in numerous bays and beaches along the way. On the left side, you will pass by the islet of Maun, which throughout history was used for sheep grazing by the people of Pag. Along the way, you will sail past the beautiful west coast full of various coves and beautiful small villages that you can enjoy.

Novalja and Zrće, a center for fun

If you like fun, crowds and modern music, then we recommend that you definitely spend the night in town Novalja. Zrće beach is also located in Novalja, which is known for crazy nights out and as a favorite place for people from all over the world who enjoy partying.

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

Thousand–year-old olives in Lun

In the very north of the island, you must visit Lun and the thousand-year-old olive groves. Natural wild olives have been found in the area for thousands of years and testify to the olive growing tradition of this region. The olive groves of Lun extend over 24 hectares and number more than 80,000 olive trees! The oldest olive tree in Lun is about 1,600 years old.

East coast and lunar landscape

After you have gone around the northern cape, you come to the eastern side of the island, which has lost almost all its vegetation under the constant storms. Sail further south and you will come across beautiful coves where you can swim. To get to the town of Pag, you have to sail south and pass the part of Pag known as the Pag triangle. Many believe that this is not a natural phenomenon, but the work of extraterrestrial technology. This place is very attractive to many tourists who visit the island of Pag for this reason.

Town of Pag – a place with rich history

The town of Pag is located in the large bay of Pag. This city of rich history and past, as well as superb gastronomy, will delight you at first glance. Pag is known for its rich past and cultural heritage, of which the national costume, the Pag lace and the carnival should be highlighted.

Supreme gastronomy

Explore the city of Pag and feel its pulse. Visit the restaurants and enjoy the top gastronomic offer that the people of Pag are proud of. Pag lamb, Pag cheese and Pag curd are world famous. What makes Pag lamb, an autochthonous product of the island, special is the fact that the sheep graze in the open and graze the vegetation that is covered with salt, which is constantly carried away by the bura.

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

Pag cheese is a story in itself and, along with lamb, it is the most recognizable gastronomic delicacy. It has been produced in the traditional way for hundreds of years from the milk of Pag sheep. It has a specific taste and smell that comes from ethereal plants such as sage and immortelle, which the sheep eat. While you are in Pag, you must definitely try Pag cheese.

Paška skuta is also something that this island is known for it is obtained from sheep's whey and has great nutritional value. However, it is not produced throughout the year, and you can only buy it during the spring and in limited quantities.

Discover Pag – the island of diversity and rich nature

In the southern part of the island, pigs are raised and pig farming and pork processing, primarily ham, have been developed. Salt and bura play a very important role in the production of these delicacies.

Bura, salt and the sun are responsible for another special delicacy of the island of Pag, which is sage honey. Precisely because of the bura and salt, Pag's sage has more essential oil than in other parts of Dalmatia, and the honey is therefore much more aromatic, but also of higher quality.

When you are in Pag, you must definitely buy a special biscuit - baškotini, made by the nuns in the women's Benedictine monastery of St. Margaritas in Pag. They use a recipe that is over 300 years old. These Baškotini are protected by the label "Originally Croatian" and "Croatian island product".

In this article, we have listed only a part of the rich offer that the island of Pag can offer. Be sure to consult with the skipper and make a plan so that you can see as much as possible and get to know this beautiful island as well as possible. Also leave room in your suitcase so that you can store all the delicacies and take them home along with wonderful memories.

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