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Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

We have a simple recipe for your dream holiday this year. To start, gather your loved ones, then rent a sailboat, catamaran or motorboat and set off on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. In our charter center in Marina Kornati in Biograd na Moru, we have a large selection of various boats for larger or smaller groups. Our skippers are at your disposal to make your vacation truly dreamlike.

And where should you sail? We will try to answer this question by proposing the following route. Head north from Biograd na Moru to Kvarner island of Ilovik. In just one week of sailing, explore the beautiful landscape of the northern Zadar aquatorium to the very south side of Kvarner.

1st day Biograd – Ždrelac

Sailing starts from Biograd na Moru, in the heart of Dalmatia, and continues heading north. Along the way, you will sail between the island of Pašman and the mainland and enjoy the wonderful views of the indented coastline. Take a break and swim in one of the many gentle coves along the island of Pašman and the mainland. We suggest that you spend the first night in a quiet and sheltered bay next to the Mali Ždrelac sea passage. It is a place where the island of Pašman and Ugljan meet and where the famous Ždrelac bridge is located.

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

Do not succumb to temptation and try to sail under this bridge because you could end your vacation prematurely. The bridge is exactly 16.5 meters high, but in this passage, there are strong currents and there can often be high tides so every year several ships get stuck on the bridge. There is also a warning on all our sailboats and catamarans that you must not sail under the bridge. Don`t ignore the warning!!!

2nd Day Ždrelac – Molat

After a peaceful night, head further north. Enjoy the view of the thousand-year-old Zadar and the island of Ugljan and its picturesque villages. Stop by the village of Muline on the north side of Ugljan island, with several top restaurants and taverns that offer the best Dalmatian specialties.

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

Continue sailing next to the islands of Rivanj, Sestrunj and the small uninhabited islet of Tun. These are perfect places for fishing, swimming and enjoying untouched nature. Passing through the Maknara sea passage you will reach your next beautiful destination, the island of Molat. It is an island of beautiful nature, protected bays, and numerous places for a peaceful sleep. If you choose to anchor in village Molat, you will be delighted, because it is truly special.

3rd Day Molat - Silba - Ilovik

On the third day of the trip, visit the beautiful island Silba. This island without cars and the island of artists will delight you with its special energy. Also, you will find many anchorages where you can moor your boat. Visit one of the numerous restaurants on the island and enjoy the local specialties. After a short rest and a nice meal, continue your journey to Ilovik, a small island in the Lošinj archipelago.

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

This peaceful and quiet island is known for its unique clay soil and tall eucalyptus trees. Swim on the sandy beach of Paržine and enjoy the beautiful crystal sea. You can anchor on the buoys in Ilovik or between the island of Ilovik and the islet of Sveti Petar.

4th Day Ilovik - Šimuni (Island Pag)

After a great swim and rest at Ilovik island, it is time to head towards the magnificent island of Pag. Our suggestion for Pag island is village Šimuni, that have an excellent ACI marina where you can spend a peaceful night.

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

The village of Šimuni has a large selection of restaurants that you will enjoy, as well as a store where you will be able to buy groceries.

5th Day Šimuni – Olib

From Pag, continue towards the beautiful Olib island. Beautiful sandy beaches on this island will delight you and allow you to swim carefree and enjoy the crystal sea. The island of Olib is known for its sheep farming, olive growing, dry stone walls, oak trees, and the restored old church of St. Stošija, where the Glagolitic codices are kept. Driving a car is not allowed on this island. Breathe in clean and unpolluted air and rest with the sounds and smells of nature.

6. Day Olib – Iž

After visiting Olib, head back south to the island of Iž. This island is located between Dugi otok and Ugljan and has two inhabited villages - Veli Iž and Mali Iž. Veli Iž is a village where you will find numerous top restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish and meat dishes.

Exciting vacation on a boat trip to North Dalmatia

In addition to anchoring in villages, you can also choose one of the many bays where you will find quiet harbors for sleeping. On the north of the island is Soline cove, and in the south is Vodenjak cove, a favorite place among boaters.

7. Day Iž – Biograd

On the last day of the journey, it is time to return back to the starting point, the beautiful city of Biograd. Again, do not succumb to temptation and head under the bridge. Instead of that, return to the north and bypass the island of Ugljan. Another option is to sail all the way to the southern side of Pašman island and return to the Zadar canal. On this southern route, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful Kornati and the southern islands of Zadar and Šibenik archipelago. But it is a destination for a new journey.

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