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Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

Imagine this: you are sitting in one of the trendy cafés on the sun-drenched waterfront and drinking the perfect coffee with milk or another favorite drink. Around you, you can hear the hubbub as many people are enjoying themselves as you are. In front of you is a view of the beautiful islands of Split and the sea. In the north, autumn has already shown its strength and brought cold, fog, and rain, but in the south, summer still reigns. And you are sitting in Split in the middle of Dalmatia next to the sea in short sleeves, and soaking up the sun's power.

Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

This is the scene you can experience after you rent a catamaran and sail the route of Split. Why Split, you ask? Because this thousand-year-old city is the very heart of Dalmatia and is the perfect place for a vacation. Set sail from our charter center in Biograd na Moru and experience the vacation of your dreams.

Charter Novak is located in the Kornati marina in the city Biograd na Moru, and we have several types of luxury catamarans that guarantee a perfect vacation. Along with the catamaran rental, you can also hire a skipper, with whose help you will be able to fully indulge and relax. Our skippers are professional and educated and will make sure that the sailing goes perfectly. In addition, they have extensive experience and will recommend the best places for anchoring and mooring, as well as the best restaurants or clubs for going out.

Numerous vacation options

Our catamarans are an excellent choice for discovering the Adriatic, especially for sailing to its largest city - Split. Head south from Biograd and stop along the way to enjoy beautiful smaller or larger islands. For a more pleasant trip on a catamaran, we suggest that you plan at least two days for Split and spend the night in one of the well-equipped and safe marinas along the coast. Get some sleep and refresh yourself here and sail to Split tomorrow well rested.

Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

If you are more adventurous, you can anchor the catamaran along the coast or on the islands along the way in the numerous coves on buoys. There, look for rest, escape from the crowds, and sleep in peace and quiet.

Arrival to the center of Dalmatia

You will remember entering the port Split. On one side, it is embraced by the forest and the hill Marjan, while its back is guarded by the majestic mountain Mosor. The cathedral bell tower of St. Duje and the centuries-old Diocletian's Palace stand out in the panorama of Split. Split's rich history has left its mark on the city in numerous cultural and historical monuments and buildings.

Certainly, the most monumental is Diocletian's Palace. It was built in the 4th century AD as the summer residence of the then Roman Emperor Diocletian. This palace covers more than 30,000 m2! It was built as a combination of a military camp and a summer house and was surrounded by high walls.

Rent a catamaran in the autumn months in Biograd na Moru and visit Split

Many buildings of various sizes and functions were located inside the palace. The Emperor's apartment, temples to Roman gods, mausoleum, baths... After the emperor's death, life in the palace continued and the palace became a refuge for exiled family members. However, at the beginning of the 6th century and the invasion of the Avars and Slavs and the destruction of the city of Salona, ​​part of the exiled population found refuge in Diocletian's palace, where they organized life in a city. Over the centuries, the palace was adapted and changed to the needs of the population that lived there and underwent significant architectural changes, so former temples became Christian churches. Take a walk through Diocletian's Palace and discover all of the above. Explore the ancient Peristil and numerous temples and look for the Split sphinxes that were brought to Split when Emperor Diocletian ruled and lived there. Take a walk through the hidden alleys and explore all the corners of this wonderful historical monument that will leave you breathless.

Under the protection of UNESCO since 1979

Diocletian's Palace is a fantastic ancient monument, as well as a national and world asset, which is why it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. Descend into the cellars where you can discover how the ancient Romans lived and feel the ancient history. The cellars of the palace are one of the favorite places for many tourists to visit, and autumn is the ideal time to visit because there are not so many crowds.

Explore Game of Thrones filming locations

In the old center of Split, many different museums are worth visiting. The Game of Thrones Museum, with its numerous motifs of this world-famous series, which was partly filmed in Split, will attract the attention of many visitors. This open-air museum will remain an unforgettable trip.

The former imperial resort is still a favorite tourist destination and offers numerous cafes, as well as excellent restaurants, where you can eat fantastic local dishes and enjoy excellent wines.

After an interesting day full of excitement, rest on your catamaran, where you will have plenty of room because the cabins are comfortable and spacious enough to relax. If you decide to stay in Split for a few days, you will not be bored. Take a one-day walk along the famous Split waterfront. Breathe in the fresh sea air, enjoy the nice weather and see for yourself why this is one of the most beautiful Adriatic waterfronts. Go for a walk in the beautiful Marjan and enjoy the view of Split and the islands of Brač and Hvar. Or take a walk to the famous Bačvice beach, where someone is always playing a popular ball game called "picigin".

An excellent choice for a perfect vacation

If you have decided to spend your entire vacation in this part of the Adriatic, it is recommended that you explore the numerous cultural and entertainment events that take place at this time. Split's waters are the site of numerous autumn regattas.

Whatever vacation you choose - active or easy, you will certainly not go wrong by choosing Split. This heart of the Adriatic will delight you at first sight and remain in your memory forever.

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