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Fischer Panda variable-speed Hybrid DC Generators


The Fischer Panda variable-speed Hybrid DC generators have been especially designed for electric propulsion on board. These generators are compact, quiet, powerful and economical. They are characterized by their modern , innovative and electronic regulated hybrid charger which allows a wide RPM range at constant voltage. This technology is a further step into green motion of electric propulsion.


Opposite to the conventional ship’s engine where the propeller is attached mechanically, the independency between RPM and output power of the variable-speed Hybrid DC generator enables the engine to run on the required propeller power. This allows significant fuel savings especially at both low and medium loads. The variable-speed Hybrid DC generator is available in various output voltages up to a current of 300 A and an output power of up to 100 kW

An autostart function prevents the batteries from being drained. A CAN bus connection transfers and receives information from a ship’s control system.


The new Fischer Panda “super silent” variable-speed Hybrid DC generator provides you the comfort for nearly endless electrical cruising (if required).

The multi-usage of your electric propulsion allows:

  • Electric cruising with battery only
  • Hybrid cruising with battery and generator
  • Silent onboard power with battery only for your appliances
  • Hybrid onboard power with battery and generator ( high power demand )
  • Battery charging with generator

Variable-speed Hybrid DC generators feature:

  • Small size and low weight- compact installation
  • Highly efficient – maximum energy
  • Variable speed – load–dependent
  • Easy to install – no forced-air circulation required in machine room
  • Environmentally friendly – low fuel consumption
  • Digital display – up to date all the time


The Fischer Panda generator control system provides generator and electric system information:

  • Temperature data
  • Generator power
  • Power into or from the battery
  • Electric propulsion power
  • “Electric fuel gauge“*
  • Remaining runtime of the batteries*

*) Information provided by the Battery Management System (BMS)

General Technical Data

Model: AGT 20-VS PMS

Generator Type: Fischer Panda VS variable-speed Hybrid DC Generators

Generator Family: 20-VS

  • external 12V fuel pump

Generator Version: PMS
Article number: sys20vs
Area of Application: Marine Generator (M)
Frequency [Hz]: 400
Generator manufacturer: Fischer Panda GmbH
Isolation class of windings: H

Electrical Alternator

Single Phase Winding - Standard version

Engine Speed [rpm]: On request
Nominal Performance(1): 20.00
Nominal Voltage *: > 80 V
Max. current **: > 300.00 A

* min. voltage depends on max. power and max. current
** max current depending on the output power and voltage

All performance data applies to generator operation at 100m above sea level at 20°C. Performance reductions can occur when operating at greater heights.

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer: Kubota (KU)
Engine Type: V1505
No. Cylinders: 4
Displacement [cm3]: 1498
Starter System: 12V (24V Optional)

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