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AGT 4000-24V PMS



Ideal for systems whereby the generator runs for short intervals to charge the battery bank and support peak power periods. In this Version, the charging voltage is controlled by an integrated AGT-controller regulating the engine revs. The engine revolutions can therefore be variable in order to produce the required performance. It must however be observed when installing this version, that the batteries are located near to the generator.

General Technical Data

Model: AGT 4000-24V PMS

Generator Type: Direct Current (DC) Line

  • Designed for DC-AC Power Systems with battery plus inverter
  • Generator is only required to operate intermittently
  • Optimal utilization of the generator
  • High degree of efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • DC / AC DAPS => Optimal Power Systems

Generator Family: 4000-24V

  • external 12V fuel pump

Generator Version: PMS

  • Suitable for internal installation
  • Low ambient temperatures
  • External control panel with cable
  • Dual circuit cooling

Area of Application: Marine Generator (M)
Frequency [Hz]: 400
Generator manufacturer: Fischer Panda GmbH
Isolation class of windings: H
Winding Type: Permanent Magnet
Charging Voltage: Direct

Electrical Alternator

Single Phase Winding - Standard version

Engine Speed [rpm]: On request
Nominal Voltage in Volt: 12V - 400V versions available.
Nominal Performance(1): 3.20
Continuous Performance in kW(1): 3.20
Constant current rate [A]: Current dependent upon voltage
Peak current rate [A]: Current dependent upon voltage

All performance data applies to generator operation at 100m above sea level at 20°C. Performance reductions can occur when operating at greater heights.

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer: Kubota (KU)
Engine Type: EA300
No. Cylinders: 1
Displacement [cm3]: 309
Starter System: 12V (24V Optional)

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