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BlueCool S-serija



The best solution for boats with up to three cabins are quiet and compact self-contained cooling units. Each of them is located in a separate cabin and the dimensions are adjusted to the needs for cooling / heating of that room. The efficiency of the products in this series has been improved with various upgrades, and the entire system is included in the delivery, for example the central unit, control unit and others.

The BlueCool Expert Tool, connected with a single USB cable and a computer, greatly simplifies remote control and on-site service.

Plug and Play

  • new control panel with USB interface
  • external interface for sensor and screen
  • optional unit for soft-start: with or without power reduction
  • easy installation with mounting brackets

Product characteristics

  • up to 15% higher efficiency
  • continuous cooling is ensured even in tropical conditions
  • total size reduced by up to 20%
  • suitable for use all over the world
  • quiet operation and firm design
  • soft-start devices available on request

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