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Panda 25i-400V PMS




The new iSeries Generators take full advantage of modern diesel engines designed to run at lower speeds and meet current emission standards.

Variable Speed Technology

The innovative new Fischer Panda iSeries Generators use variable speed technology which allows the speed of the engine to be regulated and adjusted according to the electrical load that is connected. The speed of the engine is regulated and adjusted according to the electrical load which makes it economical to run.

Currently most generators on the market operate with a fixed speed of 1500 / 3000 rpm 50 Hz (or 1800 / 3600 rpm 60Hz). As high engine speeds mean higher exhaust emissions, manufacturers have started to reduce the speed on several engines to meet new emission standards. However, these are required to operate at higher speed when operating with low loads. This has always been a major concern with regard to the engine lifespan, glassing of the cylinders and high oil consumption.

  • Environmentally friendly - low fuel consumption
  • Variable speed function- the engine varies its speed dependent on load and power consumed.

High Performance

The high starting performance for inductive loads such as air conditioning and diving compressors. The clean sinus wave form with its accurate voltage and frequency regulation ensures a stable and efficient power supply for sensitive electronic devices.

  • High starting capacity for air conditioners / compressors which means that it isn’t needed to select big generators for the start-up currents.
  • Highly efficient - maximum energy
  • Pure sinus wave which is ideal for sensitive electronics
  • Reliable power supply- 230V AC output

Compact Design

The low weight and compact size allows the generator to be installed in very tight spaces.

  • Low Weight
  • Compact Design
  • Require only minimal space.

New iControl2 Panel and Engine Controller

Designed by Fischer Panda for the iSeries generators. The control panel allows the generator to be operated from the cabin and displays current status and technical data. The new panel is compact so it can be installed on small dashboards.

  • Digital display
  • New iControl2 features capable of logging and reading more data.
  • Automatic start function which allows the generator to started by an external electrical impulse. For example: A battery monitor module could measure the battery level and gives a signal to start the Fischer Panda i-generator automatically starts if it is under a preset value.

General Technical Data

Model: Panda 25i-400V PMS

Generator Type: Panda i-Series (50 Hz)

  • Digital display
  • Environmentally friendly - low fuel consumption
  • Variable speed - load-dependent
  • Easy to install - reduces costs
  • Small size and low weight - compact installation
  • High starting capacity for air conditioners / diving compressors
  • Highly efficient - maximum energy
  • Pure sinus wave is ideal for sensitive electronics

Generator Family: 25i-400V

Generator Version: PMS

  • Suitable for internal installation
  • Low ambient temperatures
  • External control panel with cable
  • Dual circuit cooling

Article number: 0015112

Additional Features:

  • Water-cooled Engine
  • 12V/10A Alternator for charging the starter battery

Area of Application: Marine Generator (M)
Frequency [Hz]: 50
Generator manufacturer: Fischer Panda GmbH
Isolation class of windings: H
Nominal Speed [rpm]: 2200-2800 rpm
Voltage Regulation: iControl2
Power rating factor Cos Pi: 0.80

Electrical Alternator

Performance Data HP3-INV Coil (Three Phase Version with Inverter Technology)

Alternator Type "HP3-INV": High Performance 3 phase winding. Produces 3-phase current (400 V). 230 V single phase is included, but must be distributed to 3 phases.
Engine Speed [rpm]: 2200 - 2800
Alternator Type: HP3
Nominal Voltage in Volt: 3x400+N
Nominal Performance in kW(1): 0-20.00
Nominal Performance in kVA(1): 0-25.0
Continuous Performance in kW(1): 0-18.0
Continuous Performance in kVA(1): 0-22.5
Number of Phases: 1
Frequency [Hz]: 50

(1) cosPhi 0,8 up to 40°C ambient temperature, otherwise cosPhi 1 up to 50°C

All performance data applies to generator operation at 100m above sea level at 20°C. Performance reductions can occur when operating at greater heights.

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer: Kubota (KU)
Engine Type: V1505-E3
No. Cylinders: 4
Displacement [cm3]: 1498
Starter System: 12V (24V Optional)

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