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BlueCool V-serija



The variable speed cooling air conditioning system is the latest technology that ensures adaptability to a variety of weather conditions. This product series includes three models - the first with a capacity of V50 M, the second with V64 T and the third with a capacity of V77 T and cooling capacity of up to 77,000 BTU, which makes it suitable for installation in boats with three or more separate cabins.

If it is necessary to air-condition three or more separate rooms, a central cooling system should be considered to distribute the cooling capacity to several separate devices. The simplest solution is to install a cold water circulation system between the central unit and separate cooling devices, maintaining this water/ glycol circulation circuit at approximately +4 ºC. All Webasto cooling units are equipped with highly efficient multi-panel heat exchangers.

The BlueCool Expert Tool, connected with a single USB cable and a computer, greatly simplifies remote control and on-site service.

Product advantages

  • power modulation in a wide range from 8,500 to 77,000 BTU
  • BLDC compressors with variable speed controlled inverters
  • low power consumption during activation
  • extremely quiet operation
  • high usability due to dynamic control of HP/ LP boundary conditions
  • adjustable amperage
  • preventive maintenance of the monitoring system
  • operation without condensate
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • low operating and maintenance/ servicing costs
  • light and firm
  • with integrated Webasto BlueCool Expert installation and diagnostic tool

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