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Panda 30x-400V PMS



Panda Marine Standard (PMS) diesel generators with dual circuit cooling (seawater cooling with heat exchanger) and "wet exhaust". 50 Hz 3000 rpm in three versions:

  • HP1 (single phase 230V)
  • HP 3 (three phase 3 x 400V)
  • DVS (combined windings - 230V and 400 V).

General Technical Data

Model: Panda 30x-400V PMS

Generator Type: Generators with regulated speed (3000 rpm 50 Hz)

  • Brushless
  • No signal noise
  • No rotating coils or diodes
  • Precise control
  • High protection rating
  • Perfect sine wave
  • Short-circuit stability
  • Water-cooled
  • Overload protection

Generator Family: 30x-400V

Generator Version: PMS

  • Suitable for internal installation
  • Low ambient temperatures
  • External control panel with cable
  • Dual circuit cooling

Article number: 0024616

Additional Features:

  • Alternator for charging the starter battery

Area of Application: Marine Generator (M)
Frequency [Hz]: 50
Generator manufacturer: Fischer Panda GmbH
Isolation class of windings: H
Nominal Speed [rpm]: 3000 rpm
Voltage Regulation: xControl
Power rating factor Cos Pi: 0.85
Excitation by: MKP Capacitors

Electrical Alternator

Single Phase Winding - Standard version

Alternator Type: HP3
Nominal Voltage in Volt: 400
Nominal Performance in kW(1): 25.50
Nominal Performance in kVA(1): 30.0
Continuous Performance in kW(1): 22.9
Continuous Performance in kVA(1): 27.0
Number of Phases: 3
Frequency [Hz]: 50

(1) up to Panda 15000 / 12-4 cosPhi 0,85 for short take-off power to inductive loads, otherwise cosPhi1
1) from Panda 18 /17-4 on cosPhi 0,85 optional startup performance with compensation or starting current boost, otherwise cosPhi1

All performance data applies to generator operation at 100m above sea level at 20°C. Performance reductions can occur when operating at greater heights.

Engine Data

Engine Manufacturer: Kubota (KU)
Engine Type: V1505T
No. Cylinders: 4TD
Displacement [cm3]: 1498
Starter System: 12V (24V Optional)

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